I Seek You All

Shall I sing you a lullaby
That I heard last night
Came to me from outer space
With a groove that’s outta sight

It spoke of a love supreme
With a voice of choirs
It rose and fell, volume swells
The peace I heard inspired

Had a jazz beat cool and low
With a big bottom end
With an orchestra blowing hard
Like the voice of a mighty wind

Had a wondrous melody
Floating o’er the top
Spoke words of wonderment
No man had seen before

Seek the love you’d like to see
In the one true GOD
Come and look deeper still
And you will be redeemed

Here is the love you seek
Pouring out on you
No more shall you be lost
If you just see it through

No more agony
To stop you in your path
Just the strength you need today
So that you may last

Reach your hand out
And you will find
My hand is there also
Not just in your mind

Come and see the light
That you long to see
No more darkness here
There shall be no more night

No shadows to cloud your day
I have chased them away
Those things that you dread the most
No longer have any sway

Hear my voice
Hear my call
Come to the promised land
I seek you all


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