New Eden

On the road to New Eden
There is a flashing sign
It says, “Welcome to The Promised Land, Home of Souls Consigned!”

Neon lights draw the masses
As if moths to a flame
Never to see the light of day
Or what has caused their pain

Iniquity and vice
Are our stock in trade
If you’re looking for business
All here have made the grade

Barkers selling wares
As if wheat among the tares
As folk walk like zombies
To the gallows unawares

And the sound of the souls
Being bought and sold
Can be heard above the din
In the early morning cold

And the gray mass of sin and shame
Envelopes all who come
Never sorting good and bad
Cuz all here are undone

The leaders here among us
Have led us all astray
Selling bad as good
In the words that they say

We used to be such a rich land
With room to roam free
But freedom is now constrained
So what now shall we be

Puppets on a string
Dancers on a stage
Who will take the first step
In this the new age

The people sit and watch
Unaware of the true meaning
Faces hidden by masks
Disguise who’s really speaking

Words flow like water
Like New Edens fountain of youth
Edification for everyone
But is it the truth

Slaves come and go in chains
One after another
No hope for freedom here
No voice of your mother

And tho I sit here pondering
All that I have done
It seems to be prosperity
Against what’s been done to them

No pride in what I’ve done
I find myself poorer for it
No way to escape my fate
Or the price that must be paid

And so I say a prayer
To the GOD on high
And ask for redemption
Of all who have walked by

Won’t you say a prayer
For all you see and know
That they may be redeemed
Before the final show

Clean and made whole
Clothed in new light
Made in His image
To live for eternity

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