John Bonn

So long John Bonn
Have a safe trip
Find yourself a princess
For that wandering ship

May she be happy
With your wandering ways
For the long nights
And even longer days

May she be good company
Lend a hand as she may
Be there for you
On any given day

May you be gentle
With her heart and soul
Speak words of love
That root her to your soul

May you provide for her
That which she would need
That she may be strong like an oak
Not a stragley weed

John Bonn be brave
And search with all your heart
She is out there somewhere
Waiting for the start

Of your journey together
Through this wonderful life
Hand in hand forever
As your wonderful wife

John Bonn
Leave your past behind
Leave your worries and cares
Blowing in the wind

Put your dreams and hopes
In a box to share with her
To be opened and shared
When the time is right

Plan a perfect future
Allow for change within
She will be your rudder
When life gets tough

Pray for her soul
That she may be strong
That she will have wisdom
On the days when you are tossed around

John Bonn
Be strong and of good cheer
I know the times are tough
But she will be there to hear

Your words of love
Your words of praise
These are the things she needs
In the days of dark and strange

A New Story

“Tell me the story,
Of how you came to be;
Homeless and alone,
Living on the street;
Living in a box,
That was thrown away;
Treated like garbage,
Like the box, the same way;
How someone with your smarts,
And your way with words;
Came to this point in life,
Where there were no other roads”;

He said,
“I lived a life of comfort,
I lived a life of means;
Until the Kings and Queens of means,
Said I wasn’t worth my beans;
They said, “We are through with you”,
They said, “We’ve  had enough”;
If I couldn’t do the job they asked,
They’d throw me out on my ass;
They said, “Your work was getting lax”,
They said, “You’ve done your  worst”;
They said, “We’ll get a robot,
Who’d work twice as fast”;
So, off I went to get my stuff,
And walked right out the door;
They didn’t even shake my hand,
They looked at me no more;
I went to the employment line,
And stood there like a lamb;
Led to the slaughter here,
“Unemployable”, they said I am;
I didn’t have the skills,
To do the jobs they had;
Robots were the stock in trade,
If a job could be had;
I walked from door to door,
Asking for a job;
No one said I could work today,
As the ushered me out the door;
Days went by, then weeks,
Bills were piling up;
Still no work for me,
Not even food for me to sup;
Eventually I lost my house,
And packed a few of my things;
Off I went to a shelter I knew,
But even they couldn’t bring me in;
So I wandered down to the mean side of town,
And found a place to squat;
Cardboard box to call my own,
In an alley dark and rank;
Many have passed me by,
Some give me food or drink;
None can give me dignity,
To make me feel my place;
I no longer care for living,
It seems so hard some days;
But the little I eat carries me,
Till I wither and blow away;
It’s been three years
Since I first came here,
But who is there to tell;
I no longer have the will to live,
I’ve resigned myself to hell;
I thank you for stopping by,
But have nothing here to give;
I appreciate the conversation,
They’ve been few and far between;”

The man stood as if to go, but turned and spoke from his heart:

“If you want a life of comfort, want a life of ease,
I’m not the man for it,
I can only give you peace;
I have learned of a new road,
Learned of a new path;
One that gives new meaning,
To a life lived with worth;
You would understand,
The truth of what life’s worth;
Who better to share with others,
That there is worth in every life;
None should be tossed aside,
None should lose what’s right;
Would you be willing to give your all,
To keep others from this blight;
That none should become lost,
And wander and go astray?
Come and give your life to Christ,
Confess your sins complete;
Ask for forgiveness,
Right here on the street”;

The man dropped to his knees,
And confessed all he knew;
Asked for forgiveness, “Lord,
My heart from me to you;
No longer will the life I live,
Be called mine and mine alone;
I have a purpose here today,
A word spoken, words to say;
Come all you who are weary,
And I will give you rest;
The blood of Christ heals all who come,
And their sins confess”;


Someday the world will know
Just how special you are
But until that time
I’ll say it straight
Your the best that I’ve ever known

So lift up your head
As you walk along
Don’t let the others get you down
Make the most of it
Win or lose
Your the best that I’ve ever known

On a sunny day
Give it all away
Share what you’ve been given
But on that day
When it’s dull and grey
Go inside and pray

For the lucky ones
And the ones who’ve lost
For the children who don’t know the cost
Of making it
When you’ve got nothing to give
But the clothes upon your back

May they feel as precious
As you make me feel
When I see the light in your eyes
And know they are loved
Like they’re the only one
In your heart and on your mind

Pray to GOD
With all your heart
That He might hear your words
And bend His ear
And draw near
As you speak what’s in His heart

All This And More

Freedom from your past
A life without sin
All this and more
Forgiven of your sins
Healing of your heart
All this and more
Shareing of His love
Shining of His light
All this and more
Persecution of your soul
Condemnation of your heart
All this and more
Happiness and joy
Sadness and heartache
All this and more
Joy or worshipping Him
Lifting up in praise
All this and more


Just a cardboard cutout
Of the man I used to be
A giant imitation
Here for all to see

Painted up for vanity
In a suit of nines
I should have been a real man
Working for the mines

So here I am a prancing
Showing off to all
Telling them everything
That will make them fall

And all around I see their pain
But never will I do
Anything that could be right
For him or her or you

So off I go in my own world
Never with a care
Laughing at the people here
As they sit and stare

If I were to show you
What my heart is like
Would you run away from me
And scream with all your might
Or would you come
And pray for me
Would you help me see the light
Would you be the one to show me
What is wrong and right

So here I am a brand new man
Sharing truth and light
Showing all I meet each day
The power of GOD’S  might
Share with them His healing
Share with them His love
Share with them salvation
Given from above

No more running from the light
I’m here to tell you why
GOD has all you’ll ever need
Come and make it right
No more crying for your soul
He’ll make it new and whole
He has the love your looking for
This lover of your soul

Lift Me Up

And I can’t
My way outta here;
And I can’t
My way home;
But I will
The best I can,
You see;
I can’t
The time is
You see;

I’ve been struggling all my life,
And this strain is hard I know;
But who will I be tomorrow,
If I stop trying here today;

Lift me up,
So I can move on;
Lift me up,
So I can be gone;
From this place that holds me back,
From this sin that haunts my back;

I’m in need of your prayers today,
Don’t hold back, give it all away;
No more time to sit and say-
I’ll do a better job tomorrow,
I’ll be a better man some day.

I Seek You All

Shall I sing you a lullaby
That I heard last night
Came to me from outer space
With a groove that’s outta sight

It spoke of a love supreme
With a voice of choirs
It rose and fell, volume swells
The peace I heard inspired

Had a jazz beat cool and low
With a big bottom end
With an orchestra blowing hard
Like the voice of a mighty wind

Had a wondrous melody
Floating o’er the top
Spoke words of wonderment
No man had seen before

Seek the love you’d like to see
In the one true GOD
Come and look deeper still
And you will be redeemed

Here is the love you seek
Pouring out on you
No more shall you be lost
If you just see it through

No more agony
To stop you in your path
Just the strength you need today
So that you may last

Reach your hand out
And you will find
My hand is there also
Not just in your mind

Come and see the light
That you long to see
No more darkness here
There shall be no more night

No shadows to cloud your day
I have chased them away
Those things that you dread the most
No longer have any sway

Hear my voice
Hear my call
Come to the promised land
I seek you all

New Eden

On the road to New Eden
There is a flashing sign
It says, “Welcome to The Promised Land, Home of Souls Consigned!”

Neon lights draw the masses
As if moths to a flame
Never to see the light of day
Or what has caused their pain

Iniquity and vice
Are our stock in trade
If you’re looking for business
All here have made the grade

Barkers selling wares
As if wheat among the tares
As folk walk like zombies
To the gallows unawares

And the sound of the souls
Being bought and sold
Can be heard above the din
In the early morning cold

And the gray mass of sin and shame
Envelopes all who come
Never sorting good and bad
Cuz all here are undone

The leaders here among us
Have led us all astray
Selling bad as good
In the words that they say

We used to be such a rich land
With room to roam free
But freedom is now constrained
So what now shall we be

Puppets on a string
Dancers on a stage
Who will take the first step
In this the new age

The people sit and watch
Unaware of the true meaning
Faces hidden by masks
Disguise who’s really speaking

Words flow like water
Like New Edens fountain of youth
Edification for everyone
But is it the truth

Slaves come and go in chains
One after another
No hope for freedom here
No voice of your mother

And tho I sit here pondering
All that I have done
It seems to be prosperity
Against what’s been done to them

No pride in what I’ve done
I find myself poorer for it
No way to escape my fate
Or the price that must be paid

And so I say a prayer
To the GOD on high
And ask for redemption
Of all who have walked by

Won’t you say a prayer
For all you see and know
That they may be redeemed
Before the final show

Clean and made whole
Clothed in new light
Made in His image
To live for eternity


Living life in imagination
Dreams of life in my head
Taking a walk on the moon
Flying a ship to the stars*

^*(Picture me on a rising star
Picture me going far)

*Taking a walk on the moon and stars
Picture me on a rising star

Climb a mountain
Find lost treasure
Find out what it means
To measure, up

To the moon
Scuba dive
In early June

Paint a picture
With many words
Image of success
That I have earned

River of life
River of dreams
Meaning of life
And other things

Catch a wave
Surf the curl
See the sun
Get the girl

Get a good job
House just right
Live happily ever after
Every night

Clues I need
Fall through the cracks
Lend themselves to misery
Mysteries and enigmas
Pieces of life
Solve the mystery

Desert Storm

Desert sand,
Blowing hard on me;
Stirred up such a mess,
I can barely see;

Storm of confusion,
Swirling like a devil;
Trying to set me off,
On a road unknown to me;

Alone in this darkness,
Lost in the din;
Where is the light I seek,
Hidden here within?

Cast a net for plenishment,
Call for food o’er here;
Before I starve today,
Won’t you draw near?

Give me drink for thirst,
Give me food for thought;
Sustenance I desire,
That cannot be bought;

Shine the light of heaven,
On my weary soul;
That I might find strength again,
In you, redeemer of my soul.

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