Children of the world

Children of the world
Come and hear my voice
Come away from these earthly chains
And unrelenting noise
The world says to love yourself
Give no one else a thought
That happiness is here and now
That love can be sold or bought

The lies that it speaks
Are wrapped in sugar coating
Making all seem good and right
But in secret gloating
The lies will condemn
And make a mockery
Of all you hold dear
And think on solemnly

I only speak the truth
But never to condemn
I have come to break the chains
And set the captives free
I was sent by the Father
To spread his word of love
That all who are in need
Must first come to me

Come as a child
Joyful and happy indeed
Jump in my arms
And receive the love you need
You will not be turned away
You will not do without
You will find the peace spoken of
And seen in distant dreams

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