Off In The Horizon

I can see the horizon
Off in the distance
Lighting the way for me

But darkness surrounds me
Beckons and tries me
Trips and defies my steps

Can I hold on to
That which is calling
That which I cannot see

Where is my faith in
Covered in this din
That which I long to see

Who will I become
Before I come undone
Before my life is done

Grace that I long for
Love that I need more
Where is the hand of GOD

Oh, hear my voice
Oh, hear my plea
Hear the prayer in me

Ask for forgiveness
Renewal of my soul
Chance to be set free

Fight off the darkness
Fend off the foe
Conquerer I should be

Strength of GOD
Is nearer to me
But it is still out of reach

Pray for my heart
Pray for my soul
Pray for the man I should be

Fancy Free

(Just a little lighthearted fun)

Sunny bears and summer wine
Living it up in my own mind
Come along and have some fun
In the waning of our time

Living is easy on one thin dime
Laughing is harder, but I’ve got mine
No more sadness surrounding me
I’m footloose today and fancy free

Living the life I love
Given from above
No more whining here for me
I’m a rolling stone, I’ve been set free

Sing a happy tune
Whistling in the month of June
Sun is shining down on me
I’m as happy as I can be

Dancing our cares away
With a two-step hop and a nice sashay
No more stumbling blindly along
I’m living it up in this my song

Chasing my cares down a country road
Ease it up my burdens unload
No worry or stress to dog my ways
I’m living it up ’til the end of days

Children of the world

Children of the world
Come and hear my voice
Come away from these earthly chains
And unrelenting noise
The world says to love yourself
Give no one else a thought
That happiness is here and now
That love can be sold or bought

The lies that it speaks
Are wrapped in sugar coating
Making all seem good and right
But in secret gloating
The lies will condemn
And make a mockery
Of all you hold dear
And think on solemnly

I only speak the truth
But never to condemn
I have come to break the chains
And set the captives free
I was sent by the Father
To spread his word of love
That all who are in need
Must first come to me

Come as a child
Joyful and happy indeed
Jump in my arms
And receive the love you need
You will not be turned away
You will not do without
You will find the peace spoken of
And seen in distant dreams

GOD’S Children

Muslim, catholic, jewish,
Protestant, hindu, bhudist,
Jehovahs witness, mormon, druids,
Witches, shinto, satanist,
Pagan, mystic, Palestinian,
Judge, lawyer, hungry, poor, rich, follower, leader, thief, traitor, tyrant, gay, straight, homeless, despot, liberal, gentile, polotician, protestor, veteran.

These are all MY children
None should be lost
What are you doing about it?
Who’s counting the cost?


The night came as a thief
And stole the heart inside
Left it hollow and alone
Before the drifting tide
The tramp of boot echoed
Through the quiet night
Saying to all who heard
I am here for your pride

No more will you know peace
Or solitude and joy
No more will you find happiness
As if you were a little boy
All that you had
Is now gone and in my hand
All that you treasured
Will be blackened like the land

Cages to hold you tight
Fences like a pen
Walls that surround you
Echo the silence within
Pacing like an animal
Whose freedom has been lost
Feral minds have come undone
At such an awful cost

Sleep is haunted again
By history and tears
Fear creeps up slowly
Then screams in your ears
Like a deer in the headlight
You stand and stare in awe
As the final wave
Obliterates everything you saw

Who will calm your fears
Who will say you are loved
Who will find the way
To save you from this death
Tragedy seems so close
When you are buried here within
Yet the light of freedom
Can be seen from miles away

Will we avert disaster
Or succumb to its disease
Bring freedom to the lost
Or ourselves to our knees
Now is the time for action
Now is the time to pray
Now is the time to speak up
And say Jesus is the way


I’m am glad everyone is enjoying the poems I’ve been sharing. I don’t post here as a regular blogger but more to share some of the poems I’ve been writing over the past 24 years. This has been the best way to get them out there for people to read.
If you like what you have read, please dig deeper into my list. There are over 150 poems listed here to read.
Thank you for your input and for following what I have to share.


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