Chasing the day
Looking for a way
To make it all brand new
Finding the time
To make you mine
Before you go away

So here I am
On bended knee
Asking for your hand
I find that I
Can’t say the words
Crying for release

She laughed at me
And bended knee
My heart she threw away
Cold as ice
This Queen of mean
No longer shares my dream

So off I go
On voyage, ho
To a far off distant land
No more to see
Who broke my heart
And crushed it in the sand

So I travel ’round
This giant land
Seeking who I am
A man of means
And distant dreams
Coming to my hand

Fruit of all
The trees I see
Will be my own reward
So life I live
To others give
And share the love I know

So off we go
Voyage, ho
To the land of our dreams
We only see
Love and peace
And share it with this land

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