In A Mist

In a mist,
I saw
An angel fair;
A girl,
A woman
With golden hair;
She stood,
She walked
To me on air;
And spoke these
Simple words;

Find love,
Find hope,
A radiant beam;
And joy,
Know what I mean;
Of friends,
Simple means;
Before your
Time is through;

She stood
There tall,
Like some
Old fashioned
She turn to go,
She left me there,
Alone in my being;

I woke upon,
My bed this morn;
My heart,
My soul is torn;
What is this thing,
That I did see;
If only in
My dream;

Can I be one,
To be reborn,
A newborn babe today;
A different man,
A different boy,
With grace at work today;
Shall pressure show,
This newfound glow,
That all the world may say;
He has found,
His way unbound,
To a land of liberty;

It is my hope,
It is my prayer,
That all may come to see;
There is a way,
There is a hope,
That you may be set free;
From all your ills,
And all your guilt,
By the Son of GOD today;
Just find your way,
To the promised land,
And believe what Jesus paid;

He died to sin,
And rose again,
For the forgiveness of sin;
That all should live,
And speak of Him,
That gives eternal life;
No more darkness,
No more strife,
No one shall deny;
The blood of Him,
Who conquered sin,
Is the only way to life;

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