The Rocks Cry Holy

And I hear
The voice of Him who calls me
Redeems me
Sets me free from sin

And I know
His love is not contained
In earthly treasure here
In earthly pleasure there
But in the heart and soul
Flesh and blood
Of His son

Shall I sing a song of praise
Lift my voice a hallelujah raise
A song unto my Lord
That I do not know
Words that I’ve not heard
Melody unknown
But stirred up in my heart
And heard upon the wind

Can you hear the wind
Whisper out His name
Singing songs of praise
As the rocks cry out holy
Can you hear the brook
Whisper words of love
Unto a holy GOD
As the nation’s hold their breath in fear

Cry out holy
Can you hear the rocks
Cry out holy
Is the the Lord our GOD
Can you hear the rocks
Cry out holy
Is the LORD

People of Destiny

The ships of our destruction
Come from another land
Raining fire upon our souls
Here in our darkest time

Things my heart and mind not dreamed
Happened ‘fore we realized
Our end had come, no looking back
The time to run is realized

They came from a land
A shore not our own
An invading force from sea and air
No more does freedom ring

They numbered as the stars on high
And silent as the night
Bringing ruination nigh
To our land so fair

Our leaders led us from our homes
Into a land of fire
No more milk and honey here
We’ve succumbed to base desires

Where shall we go for liberty
When all around is death
The life we loved is no more
But a disconcerting mess

The cries of the people
Go unheard by those in charge
The torture we endure each day
Brings them joy inside

The leaders sit by idly
Sipping wine all the day
While we fight for food or starve to death
In our simple dress

The arenas we once populated
As others fought like war
Is now the home we call our own
In blood the dirt is sown

Gladiator come for us
We are sheep in the fray
Who will live and who will die
Only Nero can say

Who will dare to win the day
And set the captives free
To pray for all the slaves in chains
And shine the light of day

Are we the people of destiny
Who failed to make a change
Or will we seize the time at hand
And call upon our GOD


Chasing the day
Looking for a way
To make it all brand new
Finding the time
To make you mine
Before you go away

So here I am
On bended knee
Asking for your hand
I find that I
Can’t say the words
Crying for release

She laughed at me
And bended knee
My heart she threw away
Cold as ice
This Queen of mean
No longer shares my dream

So off I go
On voyage, ho
To a far off distant land
No more to see
Who broke my heart
And crushed it in the sand

So I travel ’round
This giant land
Seeking who I am
A man of means
And distant dreams
Coming to my hand

Fruit of all
The trees I see
Will be my own reward
So life I live
To others give
And share the love I know

So off we go
Voyage, ho
To the land of our dreams
We only see
Love and peace
And share it with this land


An outlaw is a villain
A man of loathsome needs
Crime it pays so little here
I’ve come to justify the means
I lived the life of an outlaw
A life filled with death and fame
No more shall I know peace, my dear
As a man I’ll never be the same

Robbed a house of food today
Hunger was my cry
Had a family back home
Under darkened sky
Got away just in time
But still they knew my face
Be home again tomorrow night
But I can’t ease my pace

On the road everyday
Just to stay alive
Run and hide, stand and fight
Oh GOD oh why, oh why
Must a man be hunted so
For such a small crime
That a posse come to take my life
Before I sleep tonight

Sheriff chase me, town to town
Vow to hang me soon
Swing on a rope in his home town
At the time of noon
Jury says I’m guilty, sure
Death is all my gain
No more shall I know peace my dear
I’ll never be the same

In A Mist

In a mist,
I saw
An angel fair;
A girl,
A woman
With golden hair;
She stood,
She walked
To me on air;
And spoke these
Simple words;

Find love,
Find hope,
A radiant beam;
And joy,
Know what I mean;
Of friends,
Simple means;
Before your
Time is through;

She stood
There tall,
Like some
Old fashioned
She turn to go,
She left me there,
Alone in my being;

I woke upon,
My bed this morn;
My heart,
My soul is torn;
What is this thing,
That I did see;
If only in
My dream;

Can I be one,
To be reborn,
A newborn babe today;
A different man,
A different boy,
With grace at work today;
Shall pressure show,
This newfound glow,
That all the world may say;
He has found,
His way unbound,
To a land of liberty;

It is my hope,
It is my prayer,
That all may come to see;
There is a way,
There is a hope,
That you may be set free;
From all your ills,
And all your guilt,
By the Son of GOD today;
Just find your way,
To the promised land,
And believe what Jesus paid;

He died to sin,
And rose again,
For the forgiveness of sin;
That all should live,
And speak of Him,
That gives eternal life;
No more darkness,
No more strife,
No one shall deny;
The blood of Him,
Who conquered sin,
Is the only way to life;

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