What We Hold Dear

Who is this who lies with unrest,
Bringing dissent to our shores;
The fabled whore of Babylon,
No longer slumbers or snores;

She walks upon our sacred halls,
And whispers dripping vile;
She who once was dead and gone,
Has filled our leaders minds with bile;

She saunters like a queen of old,
Dressed in finest cloth;
But all she does and all she cares for,
Is to fill us all with wroth;

Beauty here no longer seen,
She shines darkness where’er she goes;
The stench of rotting flesh,
Intoxicated their nose;

Shall we follow her and all she does,
Into the pits of hell;
If we do not change our ways,
To the land of shoel  we go;

GOD have mercy on our land,
We are blinded by her gem;
We don’t dare to ask reprieve,
But grasp your garment hem;

Please have mercy Lord,
Do not condemn us here;
Grant us time to come to you,
And change what we hold dear.


Beat your swords,
Into plowshares today;
Give up your rights,
It’s the American way;

Democracy has fallen,
Along with our dreams;
We are a lost people,
Without any means;

Take what we’re given,
Living hand to mouth;
Sit idly by,
As integrity goes south;

Robbed of our dignity,
We’re naked on the street;
What will become,
Of a people in need;

Prosperity has vanished,
For the working class;
While those on the dole,
Sit and scratch their ass;

A company of robbers,
Cloaked in false need;
Has bled a nation dry,
Like a company of weeds;

Leeched all they could,
Gorged themselves on greed;
Found themselves a way,
To fashion a new creed;

Parents taught their children,
To take from the man;
He owes you this and more,
Do you understand?

Teach them all to murder,
And riot in the streets;
The man don’t understand,
This is how we show our needs;

No one will listen,
No one understands;
We don’t want to work,
Or ever dirty our hands;

Sins of the fathers,
Visited upon the youth;
They were left on the wayside,
This is the sobering truth;

A generation despised,
By those who gave them life;
Now wallow in their suffering,
Covered by their strife;

They say they have been cursed,
Thrown to the wolves, they say;
So this is how we’ll live,
We know no other way;

Wander as a pack,
Feed upon the weak;
Never hear a word,
That the people speak;

Loners in the Wolfpack,
Will never raise a cub;
They do not have the skills,
But to use a club;

Brutality a way of life,
Few will understand;
But here is a generation,
Taking it in hand;

They gloat in their wars,
Covered in scars and blood;
They say this is living,
Brothers bound in blood;

Life has little meaning,
To a group life despised;
But what shall we do,
When we look them in the eyes;

Can we outrun their fever,
And live with ourselves;
Or can we share the love,
We’ve been shown as well;

Lift a crippling curse,
Bless those in need;
Shine a little light on them,
For they are in need;


I left myself upon the table
Just for you to see
But how was I to know
That you would never see
The love upon my sleeve
The words written here
No more can I
Walk in your sphere

Left alone again
Or so it seems
But who am I to claim
I know just what I see
My eyes have failed me many times
My ears have told me lies
My feet have also led astray
But who can tell me why

My love it is rejected
My heart, tossed upon the floor
I no longer see
The man I used to be
The shape of things within
Has changed from outward force
But then again it seems
I might have changed the course

This life should be better
But it’s not all bad for me
I do pretty well myself
Just thought you would see
Cracks ‘neath the surface
Scars held within
Love I’d like to share
Struggles I’ve had with sin

But who am I to say
You should be the one
To make me a respectable man
When all is said and done
So on I go down this path
With hope my only prayer
That I’ll finally make it home
To a land full and fair


In my minds eye,
I saw a different life;
One filled with love,
Hope and accomplishments;
Never one to seek glory,
Or accolades from man;
Never one to find the spotlight
But, to do what I can;

Hope seems so distant,
Love a dream forgotten;
Accomplishments fade,
As time goes on;
Glory was never mine,
To give or receive;
Poke a hole in the spotlight,
It’s just too bright for me;

Just a man with faults,
I wish to overcome;
Desperate to be,
Better than yesterday;
Pray for renewal,
Pray for a better me;
Is this all there is,
Falling down, skinning knees;

Some will say I’m whining,
Others not give a thought;
Most will pass on by,
Not seeing what I’ve wrought;
Not by hands or words of mine,
But grace and love have built;
Foundation built upon,
Now covered here with guilt;

At not having done,
More than I could;
Of not being the man,
I know that I should;
Of giving all I had,
Of helping here and now;
Of knowing who I am,
Before I no longer know how;

Simple words of encouragement,
Passed out along the way;
Would be so easy for me,
To help you through the day;
Would they be the right words,
Would they lift you up;
Would you find peace or love,
Instead of hate or fear;

Words find their way into everything,
Our hearts, our minds, our souls;
Would we be better people,
If we said those words we longed to hear;
Would they lift up those who are down-
Those who are struggling-
Those who have lost their way;

Are we doing all we can,
To make others lives better;
Are we creating a better world for others to live in;
Making their lives easier for them to live;


I won’t laugh when you fall down
Or when you fail to make the grade
I will be your only friend
To lend a helping hand

I won’t tell your little secrets
Or those things you are scared of
The things that make you cry
In the middle of the night

I’ll dance when we’re all alone
Or in a crowded room
I promise not to trip and fall
And make us both look like a goof

So when things look mighty tough
And you’re unsure just what to do
Just call on me
And we will be
Making sure our plans succeed

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