(Please read this with tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

I sit here at the movies,
Taking selfies;
I post them on my wall,
For all to see;
I had a cola and a bar,
Then a bag of buttered popcorn;
Now there goes twenty bucks
I’ll never see;

I’m a selfie taking maniac,
You see;
There is nothing I won’t do,
Just for me;
So if you want to know,
A bit about me, here you go;
Take a look at all I’ve done
Since I was three;

I rode my
Bike across the street
And down the block;
Looked at all that I could see,
‘Fore 5 O’clock;
Everyday I would play,
Run around midst the hay;
Til my mommy said
I had to stick around;

I went to
School to learn to
Read and write;
Sat in home room,
Or played at recess;
There was much for me to do,
Learn a lesson,
Here or two,
But don’t ever do it to excess;

I’ve been to
Subway, Pizza Hut and Arby’s;
Tried everything
That they had for cheap;
Ate all I could for lunch,
Dinner, breakfast and for brunch;
There’s a buffet on the downlow
I can eat;

I’ve been to
Disneyland, Orlando and the
New York, Chicago
And Detroit;
I don’t know where else to go,
To see a hit Broadway show;
But here’s a list,
If you all should want to go;

My mom and pop,
They said to see the world;
Get some experience,
If you want to get the girls;
I didn’t have the means,
And I didn’t have the money;
So I watched a lot of
Travel on TV;

I’m a selfie taking fool
You’ll agree;
There is no other place,
I’d rather be;
Than sitting on my sofa,
Taking pictures of my nova;
And posting them for
Everyone to see;

Nothing could be finer,
Than to sit in my recliner;
And taking selfies
With my besties all day long;


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