This Way, This Day

All I have is courage
That I screw-up
Push to the front

Everytime I try
Every time I fly
And fall again

I get to my feet
And see the scars
From all my efforts before

Ask myself why
Who am I
That I should be this way

Feel like I’m walking
Alone this way
Alone this day

Been OK on my own
Most days
Mostly just OK

What is it we desire
What lights our fire
To burn within

Search for a lifetime
Ever and a day
Never realizing

That all we desire
All we should cherish
Is in the hand of GOD

Why the lifetime search
If time run away
And we are still lost

Why the yearning
Why the heartfelt cry
Goes unheard

Man has lost his heart
Lost his mind, his soul
Lost what makes him whole

Do we search in earnest
In deepest desire
To find that – our hearts desire

Passion wasted
Passion tasted
But to what end

Seek the path that yields
The path that gives
The greatest treasure

To see the mind
To see the heart
Of our Creator

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