Ruby Dear

Dear Ruby,
Come away from there;
All that they do here,
Will take away your life;

The acts that they cherish,
Have no light in them;
They just feed the flesh,
Wallow in their sin;

Ruby my dear,
Please, understand my words;
I wish you’d come away with me,
And live a life of ease;

No, it won’t be easy,
But there is life in it;
Unlike those things you did,
When you hung out with them;

I know I don’t sound like fun,
Just an old fuddy duddy;
But I only want the best for you,
If you’ll just hear me out;

There is a narrow path,
That leads to a better life;
One filled with love,
With no worry or strife;

There is much peace here,
Understanding and grace;
Forgiveness for acts we’ve done,
And a hand to steady our walk;

There is a GOD who has compassion,
For all who come to Him;
Who ask for forgiveness,
And repent of their sins;

He will make you new,
And teach you His ways;
Guide you down the path,
Till the end of your days;

Please see this truth,
Please hear my plea;
There are two choices today,
Which one will you take?

Seek GOD

Who do we choose to be?
How do we define ourselves?
Is it by the words of those who don’t know us?
Is it those nagging thoughts the enemy whispers to us?

Should we rise up and take back that which was given to us by GOD?
Should we bow down in prayer, ask for forgiveness and forgive those we believe have hurt us in some way?
Who is to say we were right and they were wrong?

If we seek first the kingdom of GOD all shall be added unto us.
If we seek GOD and his presence, getting to know Him and his voice, He will lead us to where we need to be no matter where we are.

Encourage one another. Lift up in prayer those you know to be in need. Do not speak harshly about people or situations you know nothing about. Because we do not walk in their shoes, we know nothing about how they live their lives.

Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD.


(Please read this with tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

I sit here at the movies,
Taking selfies;
I post them on my wall,
For all to see;
I had a cola and a bar,
Then a bag of buttered popcorn;
Now there goes twenty bucks
I’ll never see;

I’m a selfie taking maniac,
You see;
There is nothing I won’t do,
Just for me;
So if you want to know,
A bit about me, here you go;
Take a look at all I’ve done
Since I was three;

I rode my
Bike across the street
And down the block;
Looked at all that I could see,
‘Fore 5 O’clock;
Everyday I would play,
Run around midst the hay;
Til my mommy said
I had to stick around;

I went to
School to learn to
Read and write;
Sat in home room,
Or played at recess;
There was much for me to do,
Learn a lesson,
Here or two,
But don’t ever do it to excess;

I’ve been to
Subway, Pizza Hut and Arby’s;
Tried everything
That they had for cheap;
Ate all I could for lunch,
Dinner, breakfast and for brunch;
There’s a buffet on the downlow
I can eat;

I’ve been to
Disneyland, Orlando and the
New York, Chicago
And Detroit;
I don’t know where else to go,
To see a hit Broadway show;
But here’s a list,
If you all should want to go;

My mom and pop,
They said to see the world;
Get some experience,
If you want to get the girls;
I didn’t have the means,
And I didn’t have the money;
So I watched a lot of
Travel on TV;

I’m a selfie taking fool
You’ll agree;
There is no other place,
I’d rather be;
Than sitting on my sofa,
Taking pictures of my nova;
And posting them for
Everyone to see;

Nothing could be finer,
Than to sit in my recliner;
And taking selfies
With my besties all day long;


Let’s go back to the beginning
And speak only words of love
Speak to each other tenderly
As we were meant to do

Fill each heart we meet
With love overflowing
With the tenderness we desire
To see us through each day

Kindness deflecting bad actions
Love overcoming evil
Joy our only desire
For all who we know and love

Chase away the sorrow
Chase away the pain
To come out of our shells
And to live again

This Way, This Day

All I have is courage
That I screw-up
Push to the front

Everytime I try
Every time I fly
And fall again

I get to my feet
And see the scars
From all my efforts before

Ask myself why
Who am I
That I should be this way

Feel like I’m walking
Alone this way
Alone this day

Been OK on my own
Most days
Mostly just OK

What is it we desire
What lights our fire
To burn within

Search for a lifetime
Ever and a day
Never realizing

That all we desire
All we should cherish
Is in the hand of GOD

Why the lifetime search
If time run away
And we are still lost

Why the yearning
Why the heartfelt cry
Goes unheard

Man has lost his heart
Lost his mind, his soul
Lost what makes him whole

Do we search in earnest
In deepest desire
To find that – our hearts desire

Passion wasted
Passion tasted
But to what end

Seek the path that yields
The path that gives
The greatest treasure

To see the mind
To see the heart
Of our Creator

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