Man came a knocking
At my front door
Said he had goods to sell me
That would help the poor
That would feed the hungry
Bring peace to my door
He opened up his catalog
And showed me all he had
Told me he had just what I needed
Had what would make me glad

First thing he showed me
Was a whatchamacallit
Said it would lift me up
And make me more of a man
Said it was well made
But inexpensive, understand
Next on his list
Was a thingamabob
Supposed to make me love myself
But only if I could understand
The depth of the universe

Those things that he showed me
Only cluttered up my floor
Cluttered up my life
Made me more miserable
Than if I had none at all

He talked a good talk
Told me of their virtues
Told me he had sold so many
Like he was giving them away in twos
I listened politely for a little while
Cuz that’s the way I am
Parents raised me right
Be polite as you can

He droned on and on
About this and that
Said I should buy
Every gadget in his pack
I looked at him like he was crazy
Got to my feet
And told him to go
Here let me give you a hand

I gathered up his stuff
Put it in his bag
Showed him to the door
And marched him outside
I said thanks but no thanks
I don’t need any of your junk
I’ve got more than I can handle
Some hiding in my trunk

I told him to take his wares
And sell them someplace else
I was done with his gab
Put it back on the shelf
I slammed the door in his face
And went back inside
Sat in my chair
Shook my head and cried

I have never been that rude
Or so very unkind
Mistreated my fellow man
Or animal of any kind
He brought out the worst in me
It was easy to see
Lord have mercy on me
I don’t like what I see

How am I to show the love of GOD
To my fellow man
When all I do is wrong
When all I hear and say
Speaks ill of who I am
Who will be the friend
To show me a better way
To show me a better path
To be the one to show me
The words i should say

Someone say a prayer
Someone plead with GOD
Someone put in a good word for me
Before the day is thru

All That’s Left

Clean me out
Wash me up
Renew my heart
Til all that’s left
Is you

Show the way
Words to say
Remind me daily
Til all that’s left
Is you

What shall I do
What shall I share
What shall I speak of
Til all that’s left
Is you

Am I free
Of pain and disease
Am I forgiven
For all that I’ve done wrong

Will I seek to know
Will I find the way
Will I be a better man
Til all that’s left
Is you

A Distant Scene

Tears on her cheek
Describe a distant scene
One I don’t comprehend
Something unknown to me
Heart broken again
By love for the unknown
Pain all she knows
For her selfless love
She wipes away the tears
But still they flow
Giving price to the grief
That she’s come to know
She has walked away
From suffering and pain
With the deepest hope
She will never know it again
The pain that she shows
Will be hidden in a while
Never to let us know
What’s behind her smile
She is stronger than we know
For doing this simple act
She has walked away alive
It’s an undisputed fact
Give her her space
Do as she asks
Pray for her health
And help her with her tasks
She will let you in
When she feels it’s right
But don’t go taking more
Than what she keeps in sight
No amount of pressure
Will get you what you want
Except for a slammed door
And a kick in the pants
She is like so many
Searching for love
That have become so very lost
Before reaching the prize
Give her encouragement
Give her peace of mind
For she will find her way again
In her own way and time

One Solution

One solution
A matter of fact
Come to my attention

Heard about a plan
To save them all
If they could hear it in time

Cast a wondrous net
To cover a multitude of sins
Before the end of time

Love on a scale unknown
So simple, yet it reminds
How little we know

First came the birth
On the night of nights
To a humble young couple

Shining light on a path
Covered for so long
In darkness and grief

He grew to a man
Known to his land
But still, spoken of unkind

He preached of forgiveness
And love for all
Who would repent of sin

They came in droves
To hear his simple plan
But didn’t understand the cost

They took him to the jailer
Cast him in a cell to hold
Before he could be tried

Tried him for his crimes
Though trumped up they were
Then he was taken to be crucified

Hung upon a cross
Here between two thieves
There he died for all mankind

Was laid in a tomb
Rose again on the third day
To show his power over death

Seated at the right hand of GOD
To rule for all time
He is the true messiah

Now is the time
To turn from your wicked ways
Before we run out of time

Kneel before the lamb of GOD
Confess your sins today
Here is the chance, here is the day


Is there any meaning,
In our lives today;
Time to share a kind word,
Hope and safety in the words we say;
Or are we too busy,
Doing what we do;
To find the true meaning,
Of I love you;

Share a simple message,
Talk of love and truth;
But has it all been lost,
By definition to be distributed;
What shall I share,
If I have no love for you;
Picture me doing all,
But that which I should do;

Peace made by piece,
Build a building strong;
What are we doing right,
Or has it all gone wrong;
Words to lift up,
Can also cut so deep;
But that which is important,
Should not be lost to sleep;

Ponder what we do,
In all that we share;
Make a post of anything,
Feelings without a care;
Call upon the truth,
Share from your heart;
Light a candle selflessly,
So all may take part.

An American Tragedy

Woke up
To the sound of the world exploding
Cried out
But no one was there to hear me

Here I am living the American dream
Falling for a life I no longer need
Challenged to keep up with the neighbors
Im in debt don’t ask for any favors

Where did it go
When it all looked good
What shall I do
If i can’t find my way
To the promised land
Help me make a stand
No more life in a shadowed world
No more strife in an indifferent world

Disappeared that day
Who will save the day

I no longer see what I should be
Who I’ve become, don’t recognize me
What is the risk that I should take
To return to the path that I should take

Gathered in dust
Who will recognize me
Dry as the desert
Being swept away

Water a must
No longer there
All that I see
No longer cares

For the ones who are lost at sea
Chasing the future they cannot see
Looking for a savior who’s closed the door
And gone back home to that distant shore

Cries for mercy will not be heard
Tears of sadness not be disturbed
Change the path in the here and now
Or you won’t make it, here and now

So Far Away

Is in my mind
Telling me
It’s not too late
That what I dream
I can achieve
But not today
Let’s procrastinate

Sit inside
this room of mine
Wonder how
Things are
Watch as others
Do their dreams
While I wonder
Why I am

So far away
So far away
From the life I dream
So far away
From what I see
While I wander
Here in Tomorrowland

All alone
Or so it seems
What has become
Of my dreams
No voices
In my house
No lover
Or a spouse

Has come to me
Haunting all
I dare to see
Has killed it seems
What shall
Become of me

The Deepest Cut

She stood in a field
That everyone knows
Hearing those words so unkind

The people they spoke
Of her deeds long ago
Never to forgive her this time

And so, here the cuts
Were made one and all
For everyone there who could see

That words so unkind
Could leave such a mark
I’ve been told since I was a little child

But who would believe
That one would receive
A punishment never, here, deserved

To take to themselves
A pain unseemed
And never to cry out for any help

I’ll never forget
On a day, here, so strange
The lesson that I did learn

That care should be given
When speaking your mind
Because who knows what’s in store here for me

Because punishment due
And pain served up just
Are not what I had in mind

Forgiveness and grace
Mercy and love
Are all that I’d seek out this time

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