Wasting Away

But there’s a part of me
That won’t let go
No matter what I do

And all I try
Falls to the side
Before I get to you

Wasting away
With the time on my hands
Chasing a dream or two

My eye cannot see
What will become of me
Before my time is through

If you see me stranded
Won’t you lend a hand
And pick me up where I stand

So that I may reach
The finish line(my home once again)
Before I run out of time

Yes the clock is ticking
And counting down
Chasing a time not my own

Will you stand with me
My companion be
The one to give me strength


I fall
When I try
I fall
When I rise
I fall
Everyday now
Where is my life today

I fall
When I walk
I fall
When I talk
I fall
All the time now
Where did I go wrong

I’m not now
The Son, how
Far have I gone now
From where I should be

Dance a new dance
Sing a new song
Chant a new chant now
For all that are along

Echoes of War

Marching, marching
In the streets
Scream our frustration
Scream our pain
Sign says
Bring our boys home
Sign says
Too young to die

Talk about war over dinner
Watch it on tv
Never really understood
What it means to me
Neighbor lost her son
She’s crying all day long
She cries everytime
Reminded by a voice, reminded by a sound

Got a gun for my
Eighteenth birthday
Shot it all day long
For Uncle Sam
Taught me how to march
Taught me how to stand
But who would teach me how to cope
When I’d killed a man

Protest for peace
Write to your representative
Call him on the phone
Tell him where you stand
Will your voice be heard
Will your vote count
Will your life matter
When you are down for the count

Leaders ask for war
To defend our way of life
Ask for men and boys
To sacrifice their lives
Say, that is the cost
For freedom today
That is the cost
For the American way

We lead by example
But who will sacrifice
Who will speak for the weak
When they cannot speak their piece
Who will we depend on
When no one can be trusted
To do what is right
To do the right thing

War echoes in my mind
Ringing in my ears
Pictures of the dead
Race across my mind
Guns and machines
In our life it seems
In our lives
Every day

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