This Life

What if we are not who we thought we were? What if the life we live is a life that belongs to someone else that we have appropriated at no particular cost to ourselves? Who is to say we are not marionettes on a string being made to walk and talk by someone else’s urges and desires? Are we then responsible for our actions if we are made to do that which we have no choice but to do?
Is the person, that we took this life from, angry for the loss, angry for the deeds and actions taken from their grasp? Are they not resentful for not having the life to live better than we have lived?
Are we just wasting this life that we are living? Choosing to take the easy way out rather than living a life of grandeur and doing deeds of renown? And why are we not doing deeds of grandeur? Of great renown? What is holding us back from accomplishing this?


Sinner and saint
All dance in delight
At the sound of the horn
To the return of the sight

They dance a new dance
To the King on His throne
They bow down and worship
Their crowns they throw down

Their redemption is here
The forgiveness of sin
All have been welcomed
But few will come in

So, find the right path
And return to the kingdom
For not all is lost
Here in GOD’S kingdom

Challenge the past
And win the day
Turn from your sins
And find a new way

The heart of the King
Is calling to us
To join in the victory
He is coming for us

No more will we cry
No sorrow or fear
For joy’s the reward
And it’s drawing near

So, raise up your hands
And clap a new beat
Sing unto the Lord
Let the nation’s repeat

All praise to our GOD
Who is mighty indeed
Who has power and strength
To overcome His enemies

Sword in His right hand
Shield on His left
He has vanquished His foes
And their lies he has cleft

Nothing but the truth
For the rest of His days
So raise up your voice
And let’s give Him praise

He is mighty
He is generous
He is holy
He is kind
He is wonderful
With His mercies
He is GOD
He is love

Politically Correct

So politically correct
The mind can’t see
What’s become of the future
Of you and me
No responsibility
Or taking the blame
Give it all to the others
Like it all was a game

Actions of a man
Show his integrity
Give unto the poor
To become a man of means
Who will say “me”
Who will say “I’ll go”
Who will be the man
That only GOD will know

Don’t Fear

Don’t fear the dark
It holds no bond over you and me
The shadows we once ran from
Lost their bite in the Crimson sea

Stand and defend
The land once owned
Claim victory once again
In the land called your home

Move in power
To the home you love
Share your land and wealth
Make a name for yourself
By bringing others health

Shine a radiant light
Casting away the shadows
Be a beacon to the lost
Don’t let them be lost below

All Through The Night 2

Thomas Finch sat there
Staring at the floor
Wondering what to do next
When he heard an opening door

He looked up in time to see
His wife standing there
Groceries in her hand
Snowflakes in her hair

He waited there quietly
As she set the groceries down
That’s when he noticed
Her face creased with a frown

He spoke in a quiet voice
Startling his wife
She nearly hit the ceiling
Oh, you gave me quite a fright

He said I have bad news for you
You’d better take a chair
I don’t know how to say this
But the doctors just upstairs

He said Jamie’s running a fever
But doesn’t know the cause
He’s giving him something to help him sleep
But he said the illness gives him pause

He wants to know our history
Illnesses and disease
All the family troubles
From chicken pox to TB

I said you were the one to ask
Being you were taking him in
I was always working
Just no time for him

He wants to see you
Before he leaves today
He wants to know our story
Of how things got this way

She stands there listening
But not really there
Somethings wrong with Jamie
But her understandings disappeared

She asks what’s wrong
He was fine this morning
Nothing works this fast
Without any warning

He said he came home from school
Running a fever and some chills
Went straight to bed
Without giving details

I went to check on him
And check on his fever
It was so high
I called the doctor right on over

He’s been up there for an hour
Checking him out
I dont know what to do
I’ve never felt this much doubt

Just then the doctor
Enters the room
He’d been listening to them talk
Trying to give them room

He asked Mrs. Finch
If her son had all his shots
If there were any changes
In his circumstance

Just wanted to know
If he’d been any place
Where he’d been in contact
With someone they could trace

She said he’d had his shots
For all the childhood diseases
Chicken pox, rubella
Mumps and the measles

There were no field trips
Or visits overseas
No place that her son
Could get a disease

He said he gave him
Something for the fever
He said call me in the morning
Let me know if it’s over

Someone will need to watch him
All through the night
Keep him warm and fed
In the morning change his bed

I’ve taken a sample of blood
To take and run some tests
Hopefully it will show
We can fix it like the rest

There were a couple of kids
Home sick this week
All showed the same symptoms
Fever and feeling weak

The others have gotten better
And are moving around quite nice
But Jamie’s is a little different
It doesn’t seem quite right

His fever is more pronounced
His aches seem so deep
I hope he gets some rest
I hope he gets some sleep

I’ll come back in the morning
And check on him again
Give him some aspirin
To keep the fever at a minimum

They told the doctor thanks
They would do as he says
They would keep an eye on him
And call if anything changes

The doctor said goodbye
And walked to the door
But stopped and turned
And said, he’s a strong lad
He’ll be alright

The parents stood and stared
Not knowing what to say
As the doctor left their house
And quickly walked away

They stood in numb silence
For a moment or two
Ann turned to put the groceries away
Thomas said, here let me help you

They worked together in silence
Each buried in their thoughts
Burdens once unused
Now covering their minds

They walked up to Jamie’s room
To see how he was doing
Neither saying a word
As they entered his room

They stood there in silence
Holding each others hand
Looking for a way
To help their son make a stand

They knew that they couldn’t
Do this on their own
They knew they needed help
To stand in the gap for their son

They looked at each other
And the decision was made
They bowed to their knees
And they began to pray

They asked GOD for mercy
They asked for healing within
They asked for strength
And forgiveness for their sins

They put their faith in GOD
That He would heal their son
That He would make it right
But the time would be His own

They decided Thomas
Would stay and take first watch
Ann would go to sleep
And spell him at 3 o’clock

They called people close to them
And told them of the news
Asked them to tell the others
To pray for Jamie’s renewal

They ate dinner silently
Each praying as they were led
Asking GOD for those things
As the spirit led

Thomas stood and stared
A moment then he left
Climbed the stairs to Jamie’s room
And there he gently wept

His trust was in the Lord
But his heart was with his son
Breaking at the thought
What else could be done

No other had the power
To heal his precious son
No other had a heart as big
As the GOD of everyone

He sighed a final sigh
And went to find a book
Something to take his mind off
Something, anything but to sit and look

Ann sat at the table
And stared out the window pane
Sure she couldn’t handle
Any more suffering and pain

She asked GOD to forgive her
For her selfishness and doubt
She knew she was whining
If she could only get the words out

She hummed a little tune
As she stood to clear the table
Knowing that the GOD of all
Was more than willing and able

She stacked the dishes in the sink
And filled it up with water
Knowing that her prayers were heard
Because she was one of GOD’S daughters

She cherished the time
That she spent with Him
To learn His ways, and do His will
To learn to despise her sins

To love herself, but not the sin
To be a better child
To serve the ones in need the most
Even those who were deemed too wild

She finished in the kitchen
And went to the den
Picked up her bible
And started reading within

She was encouraged by the words
Written on the pages
Told of the trials of man
Born throughout the ages

It told of doubt, it told of hate
It told of all man’s sins
It showed that one could be restored
If one would come before Him

She closed her eyes and said a prayer
Offering up her heart
She asked that GOD would be kind
When looking at her heart

She only wanted the best for her son
Who could find the fault in that
She knew the GOD who loved her
Would not condemn her for her act

As GOD watched over them
His heart was filled with joy
That His children came to Him
And interceded for their boy

His heart also felt their sorrow
As they waited and watched their son
But knew they would pull thru
Before the day was done

He sent the angels to watch over them
That the enemy be kept at bay
That the prayers of the saints
Would be sent straight away

He sent them words of encouragement
That they would see light by the end of the day
That their son would be made whole
Here on this day

He sent words of wisdom
To the saints all around
To lead them all in prayer
As they were kneeling on the ground

The Spirit lifted them up
And sent the prayers up on high
That GOD would know the trials
Of Jamie were being lifted to the sky

A small group gathered through the night
Praying on his behalf
They lifted up offerings of sacrifice and praise
To GOD, the most high

Their prayers were being heard
An answer was being sent
The love being shown for Jamie
Proved GOD’S ear could be bent

Ann left the den
Just about midnight
Went to check on Jamie
And her husband, her shining knight

She found him reading
The Bible they gave their son
A student edition
With notes for the young

She watched a moment longer
Not wanting to intrude
Her husband looked at peace
To interrupt would be so rude

He finally looked up
And saw her standing there
He smiled his gentle smile
Known only to share with her

He asked how she was
If she was doing alright
If she was going to make it
The rest of the night

She said she would be okay
Nothing could keep her away
Nothing would come between
Her and her son on this day

He said he understood
Said he felt the same
Asked her to sit with him
If only for awhile

They sat there holding hands
At peace during their trial
Sure that GOD had heard their prayers
Would send healing to their child

They sat through the night
Never leaving his side
Never wavering in strength
Keeping their eyes open wide

And as the night grew dim
And turned to morning light
They saw their son stir
They saw his face shining bright

Their hearts beat a little faster
For they knew the reason why
GOD had heard their prayers
And healed their son in the night

They held each other tight
And waited for a time
Sure they had seen it right
That it hadn’t been all in their mind

They stood and moved to his bed
And knelt there on the floor
And called out to him
Jamie, can you hear us, it Mom and Dad

He stirred a moment longer
Then turned to face the sound
Opened up his eyes
And saw his parents kneeling on the ground

He smiled the smile they knew was his
And rejoiced in this time
He asked them why they were kneeling there
In his bedroom at this time

They told him he had been sick
So sick they were afraid
No doctor had a clue
What to do to make it go away

People had been praying all through the night
Just for his well being
Calling out to GOD
For miracles in healing

They told him that they had been here
All through the night
That they had never left his side
While praying to GOD all night

He said he felt tired
But otherwise ok
Didn’t remember coming home
Or His day at school

They told him to rest
That they would check on him
They asked if he was hungry or thirsty for anything
All he had to do was ask
They would get him anything

He said he could use a snack
But just felt like sleeping today
They said just rest now
Everything will be ok

They left and went to the kitchen
Thomas went straight for the phone
Called everyone on the list
That their son was doing well

Ann made a sandwich
And took it up to Jamie
And sat and watched
While he ate, then went to sleep

She left him to sleep
And went to the kitchen
Hugged her husband tight
And gave thanks to GOD above

They rejoiced and danced around
As if they were children again
Thankful for Jamie’s healing
That he would be alright again

A sense of normalcy
Found them once again
Showed them there comes a day
When you can finally breath again

So take their story in
And listen with your heart
See if you find the answer
To the questions surrounding your heart

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