When the shadows roar
And the night cries out
I will be there
To calm fear and doubt
To give you the peace
You long to receive
So just bow down
In your heart and believe

And the shadows will run
When the light comes in
Pushing away
Death and sin
No more shall you
Be called the lost
For when I come in
To redeem the lost
They will be found

When you find yourself
In the dark of life
Remember this
Midst sorrow and strife
I am the one
Who paid the price
For all to come in
To eternal life

Set Free

Searching for love
In a world that doesnt know
Searching for life
Before I die inside

Shadow of the man
That I see inside
Held down by history
But the fire burns inside

Set free
Is all I wish to be
From the pain, from the past, from all that would hold me back

Searching for a path
That leads to your door
Road of hard knocks
Has left me bruised and sore

Healing in my soul
Healing in my heart
Healing all I desire
To get me through the night

Set free
From all I used to be
Sinner wrapped in chains, slave to flesh was me,
I was set free

Looking For Love

Looking for love
I’m lost again
Run from the light
Right into sin
Shall I choose love
And begin again
Or will I be lost
Drowning in sin

Light of a new day
Chase shadows away
But memories still haunt me
They ebb and they sway
Reminding of failure
Of falling again
Shaming my face
Crushing within

And I cry out for mercy
Healing within
As GOD is my savior
Why can’t I win
I stumble and fall
With the greatest of ease
The scars here to prove it
Covered in disease

Shall I say more
Have I spoken not true
Shall I cling to my past
Instead of with you
What is the task
What the desire
That lead me to light
An all consuming fire

Passion and fear
War and now peace
Which shall I choose
Now there is my fleece
Shall I condemn GOD
For all that I’ve done
Shall I know His favor
Or has He moved on

The battle still rage
With scars all around
Will healing be mine
Or here will I drown
No comfort for me
No love here on earth
Some say that’s the way
For some since their birth


There’s a plane that’s leaving
For Jamaica
Flying to the sun

Gonna take my cares
And throw them all away
Into the deep blue sea

And I’ll find a beach
With sands of gold
And while away my days

And forget all about
The bills and taxes
And marry a maiden fair

And love each other
With the strongest of loves
No man can tear apart

And as the days grow longer
And my time it runs short
I’ll be as happy as a man can be

With no worries in mind
To hold him down
As he sees the end of his days

And I’ll sail away
On a carved canoe
To a land of enchantment and love

Where I’ll rejoice in song
For the life lived long
And for the plenty that I did have

So join me in song
As we sing along
To the song of freedom and peace

We’ll know we are there
By the sounds that we hear
Of the angels rejoicing all the while

And we’ll bow and we’ll pray
For the length of the day
Proclaiming the name of The Lord

And there we will stay
For the rest of our days
Never to know pain or harm

A Life Worth Living

Imagine a life,
One worth living,
With all that is deemed necessary

Filled with friends
Filled with love
Filled with comforts only imagined by some

What is our quest?
What is our vision?
Are we to take for granted all that we were given?

What are we seeking?
What should we know?
Are knowledge and power, riches and fame all that we desire in life?

What shall we do?
What shall we say?
To bring happiness and joy to those who have none?

Are we to restrain ourselves so that blessings are withheld from others?
Are we so self centered that all we see is ourselves, and what we believe we are missing from our lives?


Kneeling down in prayer,
I think of what to say;
Words to express my innermost being,
Fail to attend the innermost me;

I look to GOD for grace,
To redeem what has been lost;

He says, my child,
My Son has paid the cost;

Do not worry yourself,
About what to say;
Just come before the throne,
And there your burdens lay;

I know of your sins,
I know of your deeds;
I just want to be with you,
And hear of your needs;

Say it however you speak,
The how is not important;
The saying, the expressing,
That is where the cleansing starts;

Come to me in humility,
Come to me as a child;
I will hold you tight,
When all around is wild;

Let me surround you,
Let me protect you;
Let me shower you,
With peace and love;

I have many gifts for you,
Come to Me and receive,
You can have all that you need,
Just come and believe.

Even Bell

And I hear a bell tolling
Ringing in the hills
Telling me to hurry home
Before the even sleeps

Hustle and bustle
To make it before dark
Shadows show their last
As I make it to the park

Hear a strange noise
Cross behind my path
Critter or stranger
I know not which

Come to my front door
Joyful to be home
Glad to see a light
Waiting there for me

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