The Spell Has Been Broken

The witch spoke her incantation,
With darkness as a shroud;
Calling upon the spirits,
To do her bidding now;

Casting spells
With simple words;
She spoke
In tongues unknown;

She raised her voice imploringly,
Threw passion into the air;
Called upon the dark arts,
To bring forth from thin air;

Those deeds she said need done,
The falling of those on high;
Little did she know,
Fire would fall from the sky;

She cowered in the corner,
When there arose such a din;
Unsure of what happened,
But shaking within;

She could see a ray of light,
Pierce the darkness there;
With a figure standing tall,
Dressed in brightest white;

He called her by name,
Said, Angel come forth;
I have good news for you
On this your darkest day;

I have come to intervene,
Come to shine the light;
Come to you this day,
That you may see the light;

I am the Lamb of GOD,
Sacrificed for all;
Hung from a cross,
That all may be set free;

You look to be buried,
In darkness and in shame;
If you’ll give me a moment,
I’ll give you a new name;

These spells you have cast,
Are evil indeed;
Causing harm and spiritual pain,
To those who do My work;

I know why you do this,
Looking to mask your shame;
Casting blame on others,
For all that you’ve been through;

The church was never the answer,
It was supposed to be Me;
They were to show the way,
In hopes that you would see;

What was truth, what was lies
And what was in between;
Just who the devil was,
And his will to deceive;

The truth that I brought,
Many didn’t want to see;
But they couldn’t deny,
The answer was Me;

I know the scars run deep,
I have felt the pain you feel;
But if you’ll set it down, in exchange for me,
I will set you free;

All you have to do,
Is come to the light;
Confess your sins to Me,
And leave your past behind;

Forget about who and what was wrong,
Look to me for strength;
I have all the love and hope you could need,
Just call on My name;

Angel came before Him,
Weeping in sorrow and shaking within;
She looked so alone,
Like a child, frail and thin;

She came to her Savior,
And confessed all she knew;
Fell at His feet,
And felt her soul renewed;

He said, come my child,
Stand here with me;
Your sins have been forgiven,
Stand and be free;

He said, leave this cave behind,
Full of dead man’s bones;
There is nothing here for you,
Nothing to call your home;

I have a mansion for all,
Those who are born again;
For I AM their savior,
Redeemer of their soul;

I bring healing and redemption,
To all who are in need;
Find the lost and forsaken,
The hungry I feed;

She replies quietly,
Thank you my Lord,
No one has ever done this for me;
No one ever thought me worthy,
For their love and attention;

I never thought anyone would love me,
Like you have done now;
I never thought I could feel as loved,
As I feel now;

Thank you for showing me,
The errors of my ways;
Thank you for sharing with me,
The love you have shared;

I will endeavor,
To do the best that I can;
To be the child,
You would have me be;

My child,
That is all I ask;
That you would do my will,
As best you can;

My grace is sufficient
To overcome those times,
When you stumble and fall;
To lift you back up,
And make it right again;

Do not be afraid,
To do those things and fail;
For it is not you that has failed,
It is the world that has failed to see,
The Son of GOD walking among them;

So be strong and of good courage,
Seek me in times of trouble;
And I will be there,
To give you the strength you need,
To do my will;

Thank you my Lord,
I may be coming back for your strength many times;
For my weakness has been great,
But you are my shield,
My armor during battle;

True you have spoken,
And the Spirit revealed that to you,
Not earthly flesh;
Listen to that voice,
And you will be well led;

Now, I mentioned a new name for you earlier,
I know you have one now,
But it is associated with your past,
And I would like you to think new;

I think Margaret or Maggie if it please,
A pretty name for a pretty girl;
Something to distinguish you,
From this very day;

For you are precious in My sight,
The apple of My eye;
No longer will you be tossed aside,
And left for dead;

I have given you new life,
So that you may live for me;
Now, come along,
And I’ll tell you what’s in store;

And off they went,
Hand in hand;
The little girl listening,
And her Savior helping her stand;

She grew to a woman,
Strong in the Lord;
Gave herself faithfully,
To all she could be;

Never turned aside,
Or squandered her time;
Was renewed each morning,
For her faithful life;

She taught all she met,
That Jesus is the way;
No other has the power,
To set the captives free;


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