The Story Of You

The Story That I’m Livin’
Is Mine And Mine Alone
No Other Has The Same Old Line
Not Even My New Clone

My Stories They Surround Me
Some Tell Tales Of Woe
Some Tell Tales Of Mystery
Some I Don’t Even Know

The Story That You’re Livin’
Is Only There For You
But You Can Pick And Choose
To Lock It Up Or Turn It Loose

No One Makes The Choice For You
No Mere Chance Will Ever Do
Decisions Made, Wise Or Not
Tell The Tale Of You

Dreams Turn Into Stories
Of What Life Could Be
Something More Exciting
Than What I Think I See

Dreams Turn Into Stories
So Tell A Tale Or Two
Get Us All Excited
About What You Want To Do

The Story That We’re Livin’
Is The Only One To Do
Share The Story In Your  Heart
You Know What It’ll Do

Light A Fire Deep Inside
Just Waiting To Get Free
No Longer Trapped Inside
But Alive For All To See

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