Snake Oil Salesman

I walk along your streets
And knock upon your door
I’ll praise the color of your house
And the carpet on your floor

If you’ll just let me in
To ply my wares
Have a seat
And share a little of my charms

Children bring your pennies
Parents bring a dime
I’ll sell you everything I got
If you’ll give me of your time

Don’t worry about the price
A nickel or two will do
I’m not here to rob you
Or take away your shoes

Just listen to my spiel
For my words will ring true
You know what I sell
Is just right for you

The words flowed from his lips
Describing in detail
What was for sale
For well below retail

He said
It’ll wash and wax
Clean and shine
And even mow your yard

Paint your house
Clean your boat
And even wash your car

It’ll edge the lawn
Fix a flat
And rotate your tires

Watch the kids
Help you lose weight
And keep your checkbook straight

It’ll wash your clothes
Fix your shoes
And do your shopping too

It’ll do
All those things
That you hate to do

And give you time
And money besides
To do what you enjoy

His voice was thick like syrup
As he told us of his wares
And all we could do
Was sit there and stare

You could taste the sugar
Floating in the air
The words that he spoke
It was almost like they were there

He said
Just sign your name
Your credits good with me
The bill will be sent later
For a small nominal fee

The fine print is small
That I will concede
Do not fret or worry yourself
There’s nothing for you to see

It says the debt that you incur
Will double if you are late
But not to worry
I’ll remind you, at twice the going rate

Yes, I bottled it up
And sold it cheap
And riddled my way in

But don’t you worry
It’s all part of the plan
Snake oil salesman
That’s what I am

I Still Remember

I still remember
The time we spent
Learning to laugh
Learning to love
Learning what it means
To be together

My heart still sings
Of the love we shared
Trembles at the sound
Of your voice

I look around for you
But you’re not there
Just my imagination
Reminding me
Of what we shared

Memories of good times
Laughter from the heart
Time spent willingly
Learning, loving, aching
Together or apart

What kind of man am I
To live a solitary life
Dreaming of a time
No longer in my life

Every day a challenge
Get up and go on
Get up and move on

The Spell Has Been Broken

The witch spoke her incantation,
With darkness as a shroud;
Calling upon the spirits,
To do her bidding now;

Casting spells
With simple words;
She spoke
In tongues unknown;

She raised her voice imploringly,
Threw passion into the air;
Called upon the dark arts,
To bring forth from thin air;

Those deeds she said need done,
The falling of those on high;
Little did she know,
Fire would fall from the sky;

She cowered in the corner,
When there arose such a din;
Unsure of what happened,
But shaking within;

She could see a ray of light,
Pierce the darkness there;
With a figure standing tall,
Dressed in brightest white;

He called her by name,
Said, Angel come forth;
I have good news for you
On this your darkest day;

I have come to intervene,
Come to shine the light;
Come to you this day,
That you may see the light;

I am the Lamb of GOD,
Sacrificed for all;
Hung from a cross,
That all may be set free;

You look to be buried,
In darkness and in shame;
If you’ll give me a moment,
I’ll give you a new name;

These spells you have cast,
Are evil indeed;
Causing harm and spiritual pain,
To those who do My work;

I know why you do this,
Looking to mask your shame;
Casting blame on others,
For all that you’ve been through;

The church was never the answer,
It was supposed to be Me;
They were to show the way,
In hopes that you would see;

What was truth, what was lies
And what was in between;
Just who the devil was,
And his will to deceive;

The truth that I brought,
Many didn’t want to see;
But they couldn’t deny,
The answer was Me;

I know the scars run deep,
I have felt the pain you feel;
But if you’ll set it down, in exchange for me,
I will set you free;

All you have to do,
Is come to the light;
Confess your sins to Me,
And leave your past behind;

Forget about who and what was wrong,
Look to me for strength;
I have all the love and hope you could need,
Just call on My name;

Angel came before Him,
Weeping in sorrow and shaking within;
She looked so alone,
Like a child, frail and thin;

She came to her Savior,
And confessed all she knew;
Fell at His feet,
And felt her soul renewed;

He said, come my child,
Stand here with me;
Your sins have been forgiven,
Stand and be free;

He said, leave this cave behind,
Full of dead man’s bones;
There is nothing here for you,
Nothing to call your home;

I have a mansion for all,
Those who are born again;
For I AM their savior,
Redeemer of their soul;

I bring healing and redemption,
To all who are in need;
Find the lost and forsaken,
The hungry I feed;

She replies quietly,
Thank you my Lord,
No one has ever done this for me;
No one ever thought me worthy,
For their love and attention;

I never thought anyone would love me,
Like you have done now;
I never thought I could feel as loved,
As I feel now;

Thank you for showing me,
The errors of my ways;
Thank you for sharing with me,
The love you have shared;

I will endeavor,
To do the best that I can;
To be the child,
You would have me be;

My child,
That is all I ask;
That you would do my will,
As best you can;

My grace is sufficient
To overcome those times,
When you stumble and fall;
To lift you back up,
And make it right again;

Do not be afraid,
To do those things and fail;
For it is not you that has failed,
It is the world that has failed to see,
The Son of GOD walking among them;

So be strong and of good courage,
Seek me in times of trouble;
And I will be there,
To give you the strength you need,
To do my will;

Thank you my Lord,
I may be coming back for your strength many times;
For my weakness has been great,
But you are my shield,
My armor during battle;

True you have spoken,
And the Spirit revealed that to you,
Not earthly flesh;
Listen to that voice,
And you will be well led;

Now, I mentioned a new name for you earlier,
I know you have one now,
But it is associated with your past,
And I would like you to think new;

I think Margaret or Maggie if it please,
A pretty name for a pretty girl;
Something to distinguish you,
From this very day;

For you are precious in My sight,
The apple of My eye;
No longer will you be tossed aside,
And left for dead;

I have given you new life,
So that you may live for me;
Now, come along,
And I’ll tell you what’s in store;

And off they went,
Hand in hand;
The little girl listening,
And her Savior helping her stand;

She grew to a woman,
Strong in the Lord;
Gave herself faithfully,
To all she could be;

Never turned aside,
Or squandered her time;
Was renewed each morning,
For her faithful life;

She taught all she met,
That Jesus is the way;
No other has the power,
To set the captives free;

Waiting For Grace

I’m Not The Man
I Thought I’d Be
Thought I Was Blind
But Still Can’t See

The Path Ahead
It Sure Isn’t Straight
How Can I Manage
To Carry This Weight

But, I Made Mistakes
Again And Again
Drowning In Sorrow
Drowning In Sin

I Had No Purpose
Or Where To Begin
Life As I Knew It
Was Dying Within

So I

Waited For Grace
Waited For Love
To Rain On My Soul
And Come From Above

Wash My Mind
Make Me New
Made Me To See
The Likeness Of You

I’ve Stumbled And Fallen
I’m Down On My Knees
Cryin’ For You
Cryin’ For Me

The Brambles Have Woven
And Tangled My Feet
Torn Through My Flesh
And Caused Me To Bleed

And I Make Mistakes
Again And Again
Travelin’ In Circles
Dyin’ Within

Fallin’ Apart
In The Village Square
Feel Like I’m Dyin’
But Getting Nowhere

So I’m

Waiting For Grace
Waiting For Love
To Rain On My Soul
Come From Above

Wash Me Clean
Make Me Whole
Renew My Heart
Renew My Soul

You Gave Me Life
You Gave Me Hope
Someone To Believe In
When I Had No Hope

A Purpose, A Reason
My Path You Made Straight
So Here I Am
At Heaven’s Gate

Waiting For Grace
Waiting For Love
Rain On My Soul
Come From Above

Dress Me Clean
Make Me New
Make My Heart
In The Image Of You

The Story Of You

The Story That I’m Livin’
Is Mine And Mine Alone
No Other Has The Same Old Line
Not Even My New Clone

My Stories They Surround Me
Some Tell Tales Of Woe
Some Tell Tales Of Mystery
Some I Don’t Even Know

The Story That You’re Livin’
Is Only There For You
But You Can Pick And Choose
To Lock It Up Or Turn It Loose

No One Makes The Choice For You
No Mere Chance Will Ever Do
Decisions Made, Wise Or Not
Tell The Tale Of You

Dreams Turn Into Stories
Of What Life Could Be
Something More Exciting
Than What I Think I See

Dreams Turn Into Stories
So Tell A Tale Or Two
Get Us All Excited
About What You Want To Do

The Story That We’re Livin’
Is The Only One To Do
Share The Story In Your  Heart
You Know What It’ll Do

Light A Fire Deep Inside
Just Waiting To Get Free
No Longer Trapped Inside
But Alive For All To See

Small Town

Since he was a little boy,
 All he’d ever dreamed;
Was leaving this small town,
 And make it big, it seems;

Graduation came and went,
 Got a job to pay the bills;
Little something extra,
 To get over the hills;

Time finally arrived,
 And his chance to leave;
Was there and gone,
 Before he realized;

Never saw his dream,
 Pass him by today;
Never saw his chance,
 Just walk on by;

Years passed by slowly,
 And so he aged;
Twenty years gone,
 Just like yesterday;

Went to work everyday,
 Did his job well;
Never any trouble,
 Or so they tell;

Middle age was rough,
 Grey and still alone;
Life wasn’t bad,
 But still not enough;

Thoughts of younger days,
 Ghosts of dreams forgotten;
Swirling around him,
 Not making any sense;

Another meal alone,
 Table set for one;
Make it all go away,
 When eating here was done;

Retirement finally arrives,
 Seeking more of his time;
Showing him how alone he is,
 While all he was looking for, was a friend;

Bingo and the hall,
 Just weren’t for him;
Looking for a way out,
 Lost here within;

The home for the old folks,
 Felt like a prison cave;
No place to go,
 No one here to save;

Death finally came knocking,
 Said, time to go;
Knew he couldn’t stay,
 Though what was there to show;

No dreams that came true,
 No family to see;
No future or inheritance,
 To give to you or me;

Looked into the afterlife,
 Scared him deep inside;
Saw the angels dancing,
 Before the King and His bride;

Standing all alone,
 Looking on in awe;
Trying to believe,
 Everything he saw;

What was he doing here,
 Intruding on this dance;
Looking like an outcast,
 A vagabond perchance;

He waited until the music ended,
 Then his nerves started to twitch;
Everybody looking at him,
 And his clothes started to itch;

He tried to speak his piece,
 But his tongue wouldn’t work;
Lost were the words,
 That he would have spoken;

The King came on over
 And said, “You seem to be lost.
Is there something we can do
 To undo what you have lost?”

The man said, “My King,
 I hardly have the words
  To describe what I am feeling.
To hear your wondrous voice
 Resonate in my being.

I should have been a better man
 And lived a better life.
Found something here worth living for
 Besides my worry and this strife.

I ask only for forgivesness
 For the life I lived.
Because of my ineptness
 I’m alone in my grave.”

The King took his hand and said,
 “Many people live their lives
   Not knowing what to do.
Some take more chances,
 But some are just like you.

It takes all their effort
 To make it through in one piece.
But if they live in me,
 They will soon find their peace.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.
 You made it here with me.
Those who said you couldn’t,
 Will finally see.

That there is a heaven,
 And yes there is a hell.
That they all had a chance
 Since before the apple fell.

Now, come change your clothes,
 And come join the dance.
Welcome home my son.
 I’m glad you took the chance.”

The King kissed him on the cheek,
 And showed him his new clothes;
Waited for him to change,
 And walked him to the dance;

And so the man made his way,
 With the King as his guide;
And all could see the King,
 And how He showed his pride;

Many will try to enter,
 Not all will get in;
Only those invited,
Will know His love for them;

Small gods

We worship small gods
And bow to false idols
Placing them on high
And hoping for the best–

We say we believe
In all that they say
But know in our hearts
We won’t live through the day–

They speak words so wise
But then again, say nothing at all
They lead us down the path
And watch as we fall–

They flatter us in kind
And wink as they say
Words we long to hear
About our coming days–

They promise us grandeur
And things we couldn’t dream
But we all know in the end
We will be reamed–

Does darkness look so good
That we will run to it
But drag our feet complaining
When we should run from it–

Are we that blinded
By trinkets and the like
That we are willing to trash
The pearl of great price–

What is our destiny
When we choose the dark
What is the promise
When we miss the mark–

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights
And lonely days
Are all I have
To show for my time
Another day
Ahead of me
What will
Tomorrow bring

Will I be
Stronger than today
Will I learn
I need to pray
Chances are
I’ve come to be
Less of the man
Than I wanted to be

Light a fire in me
Strike a spark to see
Burn away the chaff inside
And leave me purified
Wash me in your spirit
Wash me in your blood
Let me feel your healing
Touch me once again

Working everyday
Sleeping every night
Still can’t find the rest I need
I feel I’m losing sight
The path has become tangled
Overgrown with weeds
Slowed me down to a crawl
Am I moving here at all


Have we become
Slaves to our nation
Unprincipled children
A third rate generation
We’ve cast aside propriety
And taken up our sin
A Godless society
Dying here within

Wither and waste
Dust will we be
Blown like the sand
Into the sea
No more to worship
Or talk to our GOD
A lost generation
Has thumbed it’s nose at GOD

Have we become
All that we hate
Turned to the darkness
Consumed by our fate
Trust has gone away
Hope fled in fear
For who could have seen
The end was so near

Judgement day has come
To those here without
Judgement day upon us
There can be no doubt
Who will pay the price
For leading us astray
Who knows the cost
At the end of days

Are we to atone
For others misdeeds
Or will we see redemption
And know where it leads
Who will breathe new life
Into a people who’ve lost their way
Who will ask for mercy
Before we go away

Is this our desert
Walking in our tears
Will there be remorse
Before GOD disappears
Will rebellion bow its head
And ask for a new day
Will witchcraft be repentant
And say there is a new way

To live a life of freedom
To live a life of peace
To live in the light
Of GOD’s loving ease
Will we search
Will we find
What it is GOD has in mind
Will we know of His love
This time around

Will we bow
Will we pray
Or will we rue the day
That we rebelled against His will
And slowly waked away

Skin of my sin


Skin of my sin
Covering me
Skin of my sin
Discoloring me

Mask of death
Hides the beauty
Under the darkness
I am hidden from me

Skin of my sin
Separating me
Skin of my sin
Blistering me

Mask of retribution
Hides the love
That you have
For me

Shame and destruction
Keep me from You
Shame and destruction
What am I to do

Crawl like a child
Soon I will walk
But is it best
Or do I hurry fault

Shame and destruction
They have been my life
Shame and destruction
Filled me with strife

Sounds of a child
Soon I will talk
But is it best
Will I speak words of love

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