Light a Candle

Light A Candle


I Light A Lamp Each Night

For The Coming Of The Lord

I Have To Watch For Him

Because I Know Not When He Comes

He Will Come Like A Thief In The Night

To Pick Me Up And Take Me Home

I Hope I Am Ready For Him

When He Comes Again

Many Will Be Left Behind

Not Realizing What Has Happened

Their Hearts Will Be Deeply Saddened

When They Finally See Their Mistake

They Will Cry Out In Deep Lament

For They Are Surely Lost

Not Having Known The Father

Or His One True Living Son

The Prophecies Will Come True

When The End Time Has Come

Words That Were Spoken Long Ago

Written Down For All To Hear

Many Candles Will Be Burning

In The Windows Of The Faithful

Many People Will Be Rejoicing

When The Lord Comes For Them

But There Will Be Many Windows

That Will Be Dark And Dreary

Not Having Lit Their Candles

Because They Were Too Weary

All Will Recieve Payment For Their Deeds

That They Have Done Here On Earth

Some Will Rejoice In Their Rewards

Others Will Weep Like Never Before

I Pray Everyone Will Be Ready

When The Time Comes At Last

But Only The Lord Knows For Sure

Who Will Be First And Who Will Be last

I Thank The Lord For My Salvation

And All He’s Done For Me

How He Died Upon The Cross

So That I May Be Free

He Paid The Price For All

When He Died Upon The Cross

That’s Why I’m So Sad

To See So Much Loss

I Have Hope There Will Be Happiness

When We Finally Get To Heaven

Praising The Lord Everyday

Until The End Of Time

Lord See Your Faithful People

And Multiply Their Number

So That None Would Be Lost

In Dark Eternal Slumber

So People Light A Candle For The Lost

To Lead Them To The Light

So That They Might Assemble

For The Thief In The Night

Lift Your Praises

Lift Your Praises


Let Your Praises Ring

From The Halls Of Life

Sing Your Praises To GOD

In The Midst Of Strife

Praise Him In The Morning

Praise Him In The Night

Praise The Lord All You People

Praise Him With All Your Might


Praise Him, Praise Him In The Streets

Praise Him, Praise Him On Your Knees

Let Him Be Exalted, Above All The Rest

Lift His Name On High, You Know He Is The Best


Let Your Praise Ring True

Never Let Your Praises Be Held Back

Sing Praises Of His Mighty Works

Let Your Voice Sing Loud And True

Raise Your Hands On High

Let The Mountains Echo Your Praises

Let The Valleys Of The Nations

Tremble At His Deeds

Life And Death

Life And Death


I Walk Along An Icy Path

Remembering A Friend

Memories Flooding Forth

Giving Life To Rush Of Emotions

Anger Gives The Final Cry

As Sorrow Settles In

Once Again The Question Why

When Life Did Just Begin

We Mourn For The Lost

And Pay Them Solemn Tribute

Unaware Of The Reasons Why

This Life Was Destitute

Do We Take Our Opinions Way Too Far

Or Not Far Enough

Do We Flirt With Open Rebellion

Or Carve The Fertile Turf

Life Is A Precious Gift

That Cannot Be Thrown Away

No Matter What Others Speak

GOD Has The Final Say

We Form Our Thoughts Each Day

By The Information Around Us

Painting A Picture Of Granduer

That Resembles Our Opinions

GOD Should Be The Focus

The Center Of Our Lives

Nothing Else Should Seize Away

The Focus GOD Has Given

Let Us Rejoice

Let Us Rejoice


Praise Him For His Faithfulness

For It Is True Until The End

Praise Him For His Grace

For It Is Sufficient To The End

Praise Him for His Love

Praise Him For His Mercy

Because Without His Love

There Would Be No Mercy


Praise Him On High

Praise Him All The Day

Nothing Would Exist

Unless He Did Say


Let There Be Light

 Let There Be A Firmament

Let There Be Grass

Let There Be Herbs That Yield Seed

Let There Be Trees That Yield Fruit

Let There Be Lights In The Heavens

Let Them Be For Signs And Seasons

Let There Be Animals On the Land

In The Sea And In The Air


Let Us Make Man In Our Image

According To Our Likeness

Let Them Have Dominion

Over The Fish Of The Sea

Over The Birds Of The Air

And Over The Cattle

Over All The Earth

And Over Every Creeping Thing

That Creeps On The Earth


GOD Was So Pleased

With His New Creation

He Proclaimed It In The Heavens

When He Started A Nation

All Heaven Did Rejoice

In The Work Of His Hands

They Proclaimed His Holy Name

People, Please Do The Same

Let Them See

Let Them See


Let The World See It Clear

Let Them See Their Wrong With Fear

Let Them Come To Me With Humble Praise

Let Them Humbly Their Hands And Voices Raise

To Worship Me In Truth And In Spirit

Let Them Know The Truth And Hear It

Let Them Repent Of Their Wicked Ways

In These Dark And Fearful Days

Let Them Come With Gifts Of Love

Given To The GOD Above

Hold Not Them Back In Shame

Show Them The Brightness Of My Flame

Show Them The Love I Have For All

Show Them There Is A Holy Call

For My People I Have Died

I Rose From The Dead And Have Not Lied

Show Them My Grace And Mercy

Show The People With Great Urgency

For The Time Is Running Out My Friend

For We Are Nearing The Very End

Of The Time We Have On Earth

To Sit And Enjoy The Warmth Of The Hearth

Let Them Seek The Presence Of My Face

So I May Pour Out My Savaing Grace

Do Not Suffer The Children To Come

To Live Rightly In My Home

Show Them Grace When They Hurt You

Show Them How To Live With Virtue

So That I May Be Pleased With Them

Let Them Cling To My Garments Hem

For I Do Not Wish That Any Would Perish

For Each And Every One I Truly Cherish

Be Sure And Preach These Things To All

So They Don’t Stumble And Fall

Let Them Kneel Before My Throne

Don’t Try And Do It On Your Own

For I Have Seen What Man Can Do

When Left Alone To Do As He Wants To

His Failures Litter The Sides Of The Road

And Overrun The Water Like The Toads

Man Needs The Gift Of Life From GOD

So The Ground Can Be Made Productive Sod

Let Them Soften Their Stoney Hearts

Let Them Give Me Their Whole Heart

To Do My Will In Their Life

They Must First Hand Over Their Suffering And Strife

They Must Confess All Their Sins

Before I Can Truly Come In

And Start Their Life Fresh And Anew

And Purge Their Souls With Cleansing Dew

So Let The Spirit Course Through Your Body

And Share The Knowledge With Everybody

Please Don’t Hold It Back

For There Should Be None Who Lack

All I Ask Is That You Do My Will

So That All May Get Their Fill



Legends of old
Told us tales of woe
To set us on
A righteous path

And to stear us
Clear of sin
Of rooftops low
And alleys wide

Of windows open
And vipered courts
Sin was found
In many ways

Each on a path
Of wicked ways
But GOD gave us a way
To turn from our past

Our sins collected
At the foot of the cross
And a sinless death
To set us free

Charity and grace
Came from GOD above
That we would be
Clean and set free

To carry out
The works of GOD
With confessions and forgiveness
Working in our lives and souls

To help us find
Our way to Him
And to live
Eternal lives

Lay Your Head

Lay Your Head

You lay your head

In a pillow of guilt

Sleep won’t come

In the house you’ve built

You cover yourself

To hide the pain

But still can’t hide

The hurt and shame

Who will come

And make you whole

Wipe away the scars

That mark your soul

Who will see the worth

The world passes by

Lift you up

And renew your sight

The world has beaten you

And left you for dead

Wounded your body

And bruised your head

They have torn at your mind

Made you tentative

Stolen your pride

And all that you could give

Will GOD come

And make you whole

Will he wipe away the scars

That mark your soul

Will he see your worth

And not pass you by

Will he lift you up

And renew your sight

Can you break the grip

The world has on you

Find the path again

That leads to You

Can you find your dignity

Prosper in new love

Find refreshing warmth

Come from above

Oh help me to find

The You in who I am

Show me the way

When I cannot see

Lead me by your hand

Hear me hear your word

Help me to stand

When I can’t help myself

Last Night

Last Night

I dreamed a dream of you last night

A dream so true I couldn’t recall

If I was awake at all–

I should have realized

My mind surprised

With thoughts and images of you–

No contented sleep tonight

For you are on my mind–

Shall I tell the tale I hear

Running through my mind–

I dreamed of a life

Together me and you

I dreamed of a wife

Living forever true

Family and friends

Children and more

Who could see

What life has in store

Images of fun times

Images of sad

Memories of all we did

Etched upon my mind

Smiles and frowns

Laughter with you

There was nothing

I wouldn’t do

Growing old together

Company of two

Holding hands

Like lovers seem to do

Sharing the heartache

Sharing our hearts

This is what I thought

Our life should imitate art

Woke to a funny feeling

Like I’d dropped off a cliff

Searched for my companion

Felt like I was adrift

Sat here so alone

No voice or sound of you

Felt so broken hearted

What am I to do

I have prayed and prayed

To find you

But still they haven’t come true

How am I to search

And find my true love

When all I see are strangers

Laughing at my love

I feel like giving up

Feel like going away to hide

No more to take my chances

On this cruel world

Find a place of solace

Find a place of peace

To take my years in comfort

And relative peace

Was this dream

Just a cruel romance

Set upon me

By ideals and earthly dreams

Or is there some hint

Of love and life

Not yet seen

But somehow understood

Truth and light

Take peculiar shapes

In dreams and visions not yet realized

Shall truth be seen

As through a looking glass

Reflected back at us

Or shall truth stand free

Projecting standards

Not yet realized by our minds

 That are unprepared

For mighty visions of life and love

Beyond mere mortal comprehension

Will someone help interpret

Dreams not yet seen–

Will someone help interpret

 Visions not yet seen–

Eyes to see the past

Dream of a brighter future–

One with you

Here to share it with me–

May dreams come true

For me and you

In a most abundant measure–

Knowing and Seeing


I Know Where You’re Going

And I Know Where You’ve Been

I Know Of Your Hurt Inside

And The Pain You Have Within


He Said

I Am the One

Who Died For Sin

And Rose Again

To Set The Captives Free


I Know Of Your Troubles

With Your Closest Friends

I Know Of Your Struggles

That You Have With Sin


I’ve Seen Everything

That You’ve Done In Life

I’ve Seen You Deal With Problems

Suffering And Strife

But I Have News For You

When You Are In Need

I Will Be There For You

That Is Guaranteed


He Said

I Am The One

The Risen Son

The Chosen One

I Am Everything You Need

Keeper of the Gate

Keeper of the gate

Please, let me come

I hope it’s not too late

For me to go in

I’ve been meaning all my life

To repent from my sin

These feelings that I hate

That well up from within

They go and break my heart

By begging for more sin

Hey, just one more kid

Then we’ll let you win

But I’m here before you

Not feeling really great

My day has come at last

The day I’ve come to hate

It’s telling me great things

That I will not get

That I’ve hurt my friends

This I do regret

Keeper of the gate

Why are you so still

Am I able to come in

Or does it go against GOD’s will

Keeper of the gate

I cannot hear your voice

Plese, answer my question

Or do I still have a choice

Oh! please tell me it’s a joke

The answer that you gave

Oh! let it be some random poke

That me you will not save

I looked at his face

And saw very clearly

That I would have recieved grace

If I had come a little early

I said thank you to the keeper

In a very quiet voice

I then turned to go

Having already made my choice

My walk is a long one

Paved with sin and strife

The devil he just laughed

And said you should have chosen life

I looked him in the eye

And he laughed at me some more

I said I believed all your lies

And thats what makes me sore

You layed it on so thick

And promised us so much

You said it all would turn to gold

All it took was just one touch

You told us we were gods

So do what you will

You said there is no sin

Just go out and play

More to the one who wins

Do you hear what I say

The devil he just laughed

Because he knew it was true

He knew what he was doing

That’s why I’m not with you

Lord, I can see it now

I didn’t do my best

But, Lord, just one favor

Please, save the rest

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