When the end times come
And the people won’t say
That their GOD is the GOD
Who has saved their lives
Will we hear the rocks
And plants begin to sing
Giving praises to
The undisputed KING

People will come
To realize their mistakes
They’ve made
In the days of their lives
But the plants give glory
To the GOD on high
With their displays
Of colors and life

Who are we to keep mum
When the Earth gives praise
When all nature bows down
And their voices raise
Are we not able
To sing a new song
To our GOD above
In a joyful throng

Lift your voices now
Let them echo long
With the words of praise
To our GOD who loves
All his children today
Because of HIS son
That they are redeemed
Because of the ONE

Who died on the cross
For the ones who were called
For the children lost
For the young and the old
Can we not see
What true love can be
When the heart is shared
With everyone


Sitting on a beach in Oregon
Wondering why life’s gotta be this way
Smoking my last cigarette
As the sun sets on this day

Walking back to my hotel
Try to get some sleep
Thoughts in my head taunting me
Of how this came to be

Hey choose this
No, choose that
Somebody tell me
Where it’s all at
Hey go here
Hey go there
Everything stop
Let me get some air

Hear the rain upon the roof
Dripping down the pipes
Gives me comfort for a time
So I can rest my head

And the choices made or not made
Have left me on this road
Is it time to change my ways
Before I become the toad

And the morning light
Shines in my room causing me pain
Time to contemplate my day
And what I should do

Would you like coffee
Would you like tea
Would you like sausage
Two eggs or three
We have several different
Toasts to choose from
Which would you like
Rye, white or wheat

And the meal I thought I chose
Turned out to be someone else’s
Now I’m stuck with oatmeal and hash
And toast I can’t pronounce

Choices in life
Seems they never stop
Will it be all I see
Is there anything to do
Where I don’t have to pick
One out of three


Purgatory caught in the flash of a headlight
Darkness revealed for what it is hiding
Crime and disgrace, shame and suffering
What else is there that is hidden from us

A blinding moment soon realized
We are not as hidden as we’d like to think
All things come forward truth be known
Darkness run away when light shine on my soul

People suffering in their loneliness
No one to help or to lend a hand
Are we not criminal in our negligence
Are we not blind in what we claim to see

Pain strike the heart of those without
Lost on the streets buried in shouts
Protest for feeling protest for hate
Where is the love we claim is our way

Blood shed for this and for that
Claim to make a difference in a life
But who wins and who will lose
From the weight of this suffering and strife

Where are the good deeds done for mankind
Where is the love being shown in your mind
Are we not suffering from blindness imposed
By the hate and anger hidden within

Can we preach healing while needing it ourselves
Can we beset the enemy being enemies as well
What is the way to finding salvation
When everywhere we look all we find is oppression

Talking of talking points does nothing but talk
Where is the action brought upon by thought
Housing of homeless, feeding the hungry
Healing the sick the feeble and the needy

What is it that we cannot grasp
What is the truth so hard to see
What is the way we cannot go
Who is it that we cannot be

Blue Skies

When I lie
Beneath blue skies
I see the clouds
Go floating by
Makes me dream
Childhood dreams
With no trouble
Or so it seems

Summers spent
With my friends
Those good times
They’ll never end
Swimming in the lake
Feel the water flow
Sun is setting
Time to go

Blue skies
In my dreams
Blue skies
The jet it screams
Feel me floating
Through the clouds
At Mach one
Engines loud

Contrails follow
In my wake
Later gone
The wind it take
Wash away
Clean as snow
Renewed vision
The land below

Innocent Man

A multitude of sinners
Gathered ‘round the gallows
There to watch the hangman
Stretch a brand new noose

They hollared at the guilty man
Called him a disease
Said it was high time
Crime was brought to its knees

They laughed and they joked
Never giving a damn
That he who was to be hanged
Was an ordinary man

The hangman walked on stage
There to do a job
Hidden by his mask
Not part of the mob

There to do a job
There for his pay
Just to execute the guilty
As the courtroom says

He reached for the lever
The crowd they cheered
He asked the man if he had any words
This is what he said

I am an innocent man
Condemned for someone’s act
People looked at my face
Not at the facts

Guilt by association
Is no guilt at all
But who am I to persuade
When death, it calls

My Momma raised a good boy
But life was tough on me
Did what I had to do
To make me, me

The roads were long
And the work was tough
All I was looking for
Was a little love

Cards were not good to me
Chips even worse
Gambling is the reason for
My early death

I never should have taken
That strangers advice
Gave up my life for
Those enchanted dice

I threw away my money
I threw away my life
Now I find myself up here
At the end of my life

I never killed the man they said
Died over at the bar
Must have been someone else
But I’m fitted for a noose

Momma told me to be a man
So that’s what I’m gonna do
I’ll see you all in hell real soon
For hanging an innocent man

The hangman pulled the cap
To cover up my eyes
I heard the sound of the lever
Before I closed my eyes

Death it comes quickly
Sometimes without warning
But take my heed, take my word
It comes just the same

Many men will live
Every one will die
Die a proper death ‘for GOD
So you can look HIM in the eye

I lived my life faithfully
I lived my life true
But in the end this ole world
Sent me to you

They buried me this day
Under barren sod
No one there to give a prayer
‘Cept the man of GOD

Life has a funny way
Of turning out it seems
Best keep your eyes and keep your mind
On the word of GOD

Honey’s Farm

Honey’s Farm


She Does More Than
Just Cook And Serve
Her Midnight Show Is The Bomb
But Don’t Forget
When You’re Deep In Debt
She Sends The Reaper To Collect Her Debt

She’ll Soothe Away
The Stress Of The Day
She’ll Help You To Unwind
But The More You Play
The More You’ll Pay
When You’re Down On Honey’s Farm


She Works All Night
For Her Hard Earned Pay
So Don’t Think That She Is Poor
If She Finds Out
You’ve Been Shining Her On
You’ll Find That There’s A Door

That Leads To Hell
But She’ll Say It’s Swell
When You Find Yourself Down On Your Knees
You Can Beg If You Want
But The End Is The Same
You’ll Wind Up In The Flames Of Hell


On Honey’s Farm
Where The Drinks Are Free
Don’t Ever Go In Debt
Cuz She Charges More
Than Just Room And Board
When You Walk Through Her Front Door

And The Price You Pay
When She Asks You To Stay
Will Be More Than You Can Afford
Her Cuts Are Small
But She Cuts Us All
When We’re Down On Honey’s Farm


She’ll Rock All Night
And Roll All Day
For A Price She’ll Come Out And Play
But When The Music’s Done
And You’ve Had Your Fun
Down On Honey’s Farm

She’ll Ask Your Name
For Her Wall Of Shame
So No One Will Ever Forget
That She Conquered All
In The Hallowed Halls
Down On Honey’s Farm


On Honey’s Farms
Where The Drinks Are Free
Don’t Ever Go In Debt
Cuz She Charges More
Than Just Room And Board
When You Walk Through Her Front Door

And The Stronger The Crave
The Deeper The Grave
When You’re Down On Honey’s Farm
Her Cuts Are Small
But She Cuts Them All
When They’re Down On Honey’s Farm


I forged the bonds that bind me
Crafted them with lust
Made them to hold me tight
And never let me go

Built the chain one link at a time
Many hours of effort I have put into it
Kept them out of sight
Lest anyone should know

Here I am
Bound to my past
Wrapped in the chains
That hold me tight
Here I am
Chains around my chest
Holding me down
Lest I should fight

Dragging my chains around
Like Marleys ghost
They rattle and clink
Reminding me of my past

Oh this heavy burden
How much longer will it last
Calling out my name
Reminding me of my past

Pray For Us

If I come to you
And ask for prayer
Will you pray for me
Or run in fear

If I come to you
In desperation
Looking for a way
To understand

Will I find a friend
A confidant
Someone willing
To stand in the gap

For a friend in need
Who has lost his way
Whose prayers are
Falling by they way

Who will be my strength
When all seems lost
Who’ll grab my hand
And say come along

Victory is just ahead
Where peace and love dwell
Where you can rest
In the quiet of the Lord

Do we choose our fights
Have we lost our rights
Who will stand for those
Who can no longer stand

So lift a prayer to someone
That needs a prayer
Speak a word to GOD
That they won’t despair

May there be strength
May there be courage
May there be a man
Who understands

Not all of us are heroes
Or men if mighty deeds
So have compassion
To those in need

Pray for the lost
Pray for the meek
Pray for all those
That you would see


When I was a young man
Dreamed of things to see
To find myself in stranger lands
Then unknown to me

Call to my comrades
Join me on my quest
We will slay the dragons there
Use their skins for vests

We sailed around the world
Exploring different lands
Taking women for our wives
From strange exotic lands

I bow before my GOD
On solid rock I stand
Never letting doubt come in
I do it all for HIM

My dreams have all come true
Along with my kin
Children chase me round the hearth
Telling stories with no end

I thank my GOD for treasures
Not seen by man or beast
That I will find my comrades
Gathered for the feast

As I lay upon my bed
I am an older man
No time to worry how I lived
I’ll die a happy man

Children’s Dreams

Fantasies for children, fly upon the clouds
Of innocence and purity, that knows no bounds
Reaching heights that only, rocket ships could climb
But here is where the dreams of children, really do come true

Dreams of a life to live, in love and purity
With no crime and no blood, shed upon the streets
Seeking love to cover all, a multitude of sins
Where healing flows and our love grows, in never ending streams

People can’t we see, the love for you and me
Can’t we hear the words of love, spoken with new meaning
Sharing hearts and sharing minds, to heal a wounded land
And now I see the message, here for you and me

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