The Plan Of GOD

No, GOD, no
Don’t leave me here
No, GOD, no
All i see is fear
With the ways of the world
And the demise of our faith
Will we see Jesus
At the end of days

And we wander too and frow
Searching for some kind of peace
Hoping for a better day
As we fall to our knees

Some of us are hurting
Some of us are healed
Some of us are helping
Some of us are kind

Are we doing enough
To save us from ourselves
Are we doing what we’re told
Circled in a labyrinth hiding in the cold

No, GOD, no
Don’t leave us to ourselves
No, GOD, no
Don’t say we don’t obey
We cry out for forgiveness
We cry to you for love
We ask to be made whole again
To be with You above

But here we sit and wait
For the time to draw near
Surrounded by our thoughts
That drive our mind to fear

May we find the strength
To overcome our lives
May we see the truth
Hidden by their lies

When the eyes that we see with
Finally see the truth
Of how our lives were bought
Before we found our youth

And the plan put in place
Perfection formed by GOD
Jesus on the cross
Redemption of sins


I’m just a man
Who was born to be free
But found I was a slave
To all I could see

Walked along for miles
With the sound of my chains
Drove me wild
Made me insane

Who was I supposed to be
When all around only darkness I see
And the love and salvation that I wished for
Could not be found in all I could see

I was just a slave
To those things I abhor
Coming back for seconds
While groveling on the floor

I hear a whisper
Of a thing I should know
I hear a voice
Calling me through a door

And how am I to know
Discern wrong and right
When I don’t know the voice
Calling in the night

Who was I supposed to be on the day I was born
When I was too young to know of a mind
And the truth and understanding we’re beyond my ken
And artifacts and history were not something to teach me their ways


And what are you after
My melancholy rose
A life of happiness
Written in prose
No more sadness
To bring your heart down
Only gladness
To spread through the town

Are we capable of doing
That which ways upon our hearts
Before everything is surrounded
By sharp and pointy darts
Do the desires inside
Bring you joy or peace
Or do they lead to suffering
Dread and disease

Do you dare the deeds
Of extraordinary men
Pushing aside the pain
Again and again
Do life and death
Only bring you fear
Or are you ready
For the flame to draw near

Why would you do it
For GOD or for man
For popularity
For some adoring fan
Wouldn’t it be better
To live in a hut
Than to be rich without GOD
Covering your butt

The times are changing
Moving so fast
Will the dreams and desires
Really last
Opinions change
In the blink of an eye
Who will come with you
When it’s time to die

Witches Spell

She called me by name yesterday
Told me there was something she had to say
Said we were destined to be together
From now until eternity

She sat on her porch making vittles
Looked like a stew most likely
Same thing she been doing each and every day
More or less it looked like to me

Been by her place as often been to town
People said she was an evil one
Better stay away from this one for sure
If you want to make it through another day

They said she was a witch of indeterminate age
Been around since anybody new
Older than the dirt of the ground on which I walked
Better keep yourself a distance safe

Her voice was as sweet as molasses
Her tone, smooth as silk
She said if I’d come sit by her awhile
She’d give me the details I’d need

Oh someone come and call me back from death
I’m sure I don’t remember my name
She called to me once more
She put me under a witches spell

I sat down in a chair by her side
And helped with her fixing what she need
She told me she knew me from my birth
Said my friends didn’t know what I was worth

She said I was the most tender person she’d met
None could be finer than me
I was just what she was looking for
A gentle man to help with her meal

The pot in the kitchen was huge
A cauldron by any other name
I didn’t realize my predicament
Before she cut me and threw me on the flame

She poured water over my body
A little pepper and salt just to taste
Next came the veggies, a little wolfs bane
Girl just has to watch her waist nowadays

She hummed as she worked
The tune fading along with the light
She whispered sweet dreams, honey
You won’t feel a thing when I take my first bite

Oh someone come and save me from this death
I’m sure I don’t remember how I came
To be a dish upon her table
I’d run away from here if I could

Don’t be fooled by these smooth talkers
Whoever they might seem to be
Deception is all they are after
To get you into their little family

The Salesman

The man stands before the audience
Hands outspread wide
Speaking with a strong voice
Says, you must decide

Am I a conjuror of tricks
Deceitful to the core
Or are my words truth
As I said before

The people to my left
Say I sold them junk
That the goods in my hands
Were things that just plain stunk

Never were the words I spoke
False or untrue
I was selling trinkets
Said they weren’t quite new

They never fell off a truck
Nor pawnshop price jacked up
They were rescued from the ones
Who were deep in their cups

A good price was haggled
Shook on fair and square
No one had their feelings hurt
Or were treated unfair

I took my purchases to my shop
And cleaned them one and all
Just to make them presentable
Before I made my first call

I spoke of their quality
A treasure sure indeed
Told the folks who saw them
Nothing finer to be seen

I didn’t lie about my wares
They were the finest I had
Their numbers were few I knew
But the finest in the land

I sold them at a fair market price
Considering the rarity
No one was unhappy
To have a piece of history

I went from house to house
Selling my precious wares
Not all made a purchase
Some just gave me stares

Not all understood
This new opportunity
To have something so precious
Unique in their city

Sure they were old
But they looked brand new
They weren’t cracked or worn
No chips in the paint to see

So why all the fuss about my wares
When all were happy with me
They changed their minds the next day
When the wares showed what they believed

My items cast a reflection
Back to the one who bought it
Showing them all of their sin
And the darkness in which they were caught

I did not condemn
Any who came my way
But many were horrified
Of the face on display

I told them I had no control
Over the reflections in the wares
It was out of my hands
If they did not like their stares

I spoke of truth and light
Of darkness guaranteed
Of how lives were saved
And of watering seeds

I did not talk of reflections
I know not what becomes of each
Man, woman, boy or girl
There were many to be reached

My life is here before you
My story I have spoken
Many I visited were asleep
But many have now woken

The judge asked for quiet
Contemplating all he heard
Asked the prosecutor to speak
If all this man spoke was truth

The prosecutor bowed his head
Gathering his thoughts
Lifted up his head
And spoke to all his thoughts

From testimony given
By people of this town
This man has spoken the truth
About what has gone down

No one was deceived
No wool pulled over their eyes
But in earnest, your honor
Just the opposite took place

People are seeing clearly
Clearer than before
Of sin and darkness and how it abides
In the motion of their lives

Even I cannot believe
How changed we are now
It’s as if we were asleep before
Now awake for the rest of our lives

Young, old – men, women
All who have spoken to me
Recall all that happened before
As if it were a dream

The judge saw the truth in his eyes
As he spoke his words
None could deny
The salesman was true to his word

The judge turned to the salesman
Said you are free to go
But if you would kind sir
Tell us what we should know

He said
Get ye to church my friends
And hopefully you’ll meet
The savior who came for you
Who washed his disciples feet

Jesus is his name
Lord he shall be called
All who come before him
Their knees shall be bowed

There is only one King
And him you must know
Get thee to church on time
Before the last trumpet blow


Do you feel the heartbreak of the people bound in chains
Looking for someone to save them from their sorrow and their fears
They cry out for a savior for a GOD that’s lost to them
Their tears fall to the ground like a cold winter rain

Are we not the ambassadors of a life that’s better lived
Being sons and daughters of a just and loving King
Who are we to take away the life that they deserve
To make them all paupers and children of the damned

Preach the gospel to the lost to the people here enslaved
Make a joyful noise to GOD that he may break their chains
Call upon His holy name shout it from the roofs and plains
We are not to be complacent for the time is now at hand

Join together in one prayer that the children they may hear
Of a GOD who will reveal how a heart it can be healed
Take a moment from your lives make a simple sacrifice
The cost is very small but the payoff takes it all


We worship small gods

And bow to false idols

Placing them on high

And hoping for the best

We say we believe

In all that they say

But know in our hearts

We won’t live through the day

They speak words so wise

But then again, say nothing at all

They lead us down the path

And watch as we fall

They flatter us in kind

And wink as they say

Words we long to hear

About our coming days

They promise us grandeur

And things we couldn’t dream

But we all know in the end

We will be reamed

Does darkness look so good

That we will run to it

But drag our feet complaining

When we should run from it

Are we that blinded

By trinkets and the like

That we are willing to trash

The pearl of great price

What is our destiny

When we choose the dark

What is the promise

When we miss the mark

Light Of Day

Walking around

Like a man in the dark

Feeling road weary

Like I lost my heart

Alone again it seems

Like I lost my friend

Like I lost my dreams

Chasing a shadow

To find the light

Down the road

Thru the night

Will I be seen

For who I really am

Days go by

And then you die

What’s in between

For you and I

Are we to be

All that we can be

Shadows haunt

My troubled soul

Hidden in dark

I lost my gold

Will the treasure

Ever be found


To find my way


Towards the light of day


I’m homeward bound

Looking for the

Light of day


Hear the cry of the oppressed
As the dragon starts to glow
Flame and fire burn away
That which we started to grow

What is the wonder
Of new sights to behold
From the deep the evil comes
Slaves they must enfold

Oh, come for us the bereaved
Who cry salvation dear
Will we see the promised land
With evil drawing near

No more time to plan and scrape
We all must act now
Cherish those you hold dear
For the coming row

The coming darkness will away
Upon the morning light
See the sun rise above the walls
Chasing away the night

Rider on a horse of white
Army long in tow
Take the battle to the dragon
And deal the fatal blow

See the evil fall away
Into the pit of hell
Never more to be seen
Hear the tolling bell

Ringing from the valley’s
To the mountain high
No more pain and suffering
Hear the gentle sigh

King HE sits upon His throne
Ruler He presides
Counting all the blessings here
Of all who now reside

Those who made the choice
Those who came to GOD
Those who made the sacrifice
And turned from false gods

See the abundance of the garden
Trees with fruit so ripe
Food so abundant
Never shall we die

See the Son upon His throne
A loving ruler fair
Worship Him at His feet
His name echoes through the air

Angels sing with saints united
Praises fill the hall
Sing Glory Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah, one and all


What is love
Is it some random feeling that causes emotional changes in us
Is it a longing for something just out of reach
Something that seems unobtainable

What is love
Is it a chemical imbalance that changes with the seasons
Causing us to either be joyous or despair over actions out of our control
Making us seem to be mindless automatons or overthinking analysts

What is love
Does it change who we are
Rewriting our hearts and minds into something new
Calling us to be better versions of ourselves

What is love
Is it something that knits our hearts together
That makes us feel a special something for another being or thing
Causing us to act in a manner becoming of someone who feels from the heart

What is love
And why does it do to us what it does
Making us flamboyant at times or uncaring in our earnestness to share
Where we hurt those that we love with impunity without care for their circumstances

What is love
And why love
Why not something more gentle and easier understood
Something that can be grasped in the mind as well as the heart in our daily lives

What is love
And who understands it and it’s ramifications
Knowing the true meaning of a word and emotion that is not easily defined
Causing more trouble than we seem to be able to cope with or justify

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