Heart In Me

Look into the empty eyes
And tell me what you see
Do you see the trouble there
I’ve lived to tell to thee
Do you see the pain I’ve felt
That left its mark on me
Do you see the past I hide
Deep inside of me

Look into my empty life
And tell me what you see
Do you see the struggle within
To live each and every day
Do you see the hurt I hide
So you won’t run away
Shall I bare my heart for you
To see what I see

Shall I show my mind to you
To see the traps for me
Would you understand my pain
Would you know my truth
Would you still care for me
Or run from what you see
Shameful acts I’ve committed
Run rampant in my mind

Never leaving me in peace
Never to forget
How can I become a man
When this is all I see
How can I live to share the joy
When no joy is in me
A clean heart or mind
I’ve found neither, though everyday is new

Wipe away what’s on my slate
Make it clean each day
I still see the marks on it
As if they were here today
What am I to do
When forgiveness seems out of reach
How shall I be a new creation
When all I see is black

Shall I say my GOD is near
When sin has its place
Shall I say I know my GOD
When I can’t find His face
Who among you knows my plague
Eating away at me
Who among you has this burden
I don’t want to see

How can I carry this
That weighs upon my soul
How can I overcome
This deep and despicable toll
The trap I see for me
Has snared me again
It cut into my flesh
And caused me to sin

Marks upon my flesh
Marks upon my soul
Who would have thought
I could make it out whole
I’m told there is a light
At the end of the tunnel
But if it’s shining bright
It’s not shining on me

Death by the sin I sin
Is not what I desire
Death to the flesh in me
Bring the refining fire

Computer eye

Computer eye
In the sky
Tell me what you see

Do you see
The path I’m on
With your little eye

Does your voice
Speak the words
That I long to hear

Or am I lost
Because of your
Ever wandering eye

Flash of red
Gleam of light
Expound upon wisdom

Are the things
That you teach
Based upon the truth

Hal of old
Computer cold
Do not clean my clock

I have seen
Your dirty deeds
Take their lives away

Why the tug
Why the draw
To fancy your design

I have found
A better life
Than your evil plan

Do you
See my destiny

Or will you be
The death of me
My downfall destiny

Channel time
Channel anger
Point it to the future

Take me off
The darkest path
That I’ve ever seen

Can you see
The sands of time
Running through my life

Are you there
To give me life
In the midst of strife

Can you see
The heart in me
And heal me within

Man and machine
Live apart
Yet live intertwined

How can I be
A free man
Living as a slave

To the past
To the path
Of who I once was

Under fed
Under the bed
Hiding from the dark

What can be
My destiny
Hiding my true me

Shall I shine
Shall I glow
Or like a fire rage

Strength be had
Strength be mine
Strength of GOD divine

I can be
Who I need
Only through His time

Lost and found
Repeat rebound
Circular path I roam

Path be straight
Find the gate
That leads me to my home

Show my way
Lead me to what’s right

Be a light
In my night
That I may yet still see

The man
GOD grant
I should be


There are times when I’m reminded
Of having been here before
Of having walked this path
Or thru this open door

Memories come flooding back
Rushing to my mind
And then I lose myself
To another time

And I dream of a land and time unknown
Here I become another version of myself
And I fly away for just a little while
And I’m free
In the sky
In the sky

And I find myself on wings from above
Bidding me to fly to escape this tethered life
And here I become the best that I am
And the man I dream of
Is alive
In this time
In my mind

Imagination and dreaming
Are fine for a while
But then reality
Must be seen instead

And so I try and find a way
For two worlds to exist
In this life that I live
Til this mind finds the will
To overcome this man made hill

The Masquerade Of Samuel Finch

Samuel Finch was a gentle man
When out and about the town
Ready to give all he had
Even turn your frown upside down

He lived like a rich man
Dressed in fancy clothes
Ate at fancy restaurants
Wore ties shaped like bows

He walked about the town
Saying hi as he went by
Never giving indication
That things were getting him down

But when he was at home
The charade was put away
All the sin he could think and say
Was allowed to have its way

Dark and vile reason
Made its way to the fore
Was given every energy
When he walked through the door

The smile for the kiddies
Turned into a scowl
Laughter and merriment
He became like the owl

He roamed and raged
All through the night
Wandering through his house
Not understanding his plight

He was a man troubled deep
Darkness hidden within
Scars on the inside
Caused by pain and sin

Many were the days
He lay as if comatose
Staring at the ceiling
Pale as a ghost

His mind was a jumble
His heart a broken mess
It showed in his eyes
It showed in his dress

The people never saw
The heart of this man
He was sure to lock it up
To keep it close inside

Many years had passed
Before the cracks came to show
That Samuel Finch was a troubled man
With a load of darkened sin in tow

No one dared intrude
No one stopped to say hi
They didn’t understand
Samuel Finch was not getting by

His facade changed slowly
With cracks ’round the edge
Misshapen features
Brought truth to the light

People started asking questions
Asking what could be wrong
What could bring about such change
In a man we’ve known so long

He has no family to lose
His heart weren’t broke by loss
He had everything you’d ever want
No matter what it cost


There was a wise man
Who said he had a thought
About why Samuel Finch
Looked like he was caught

He said he looked like he’d been hooked
By sin and disease
That the darkness he so coveted
Had finally brought him to his knees

This is what happens
When you hide darkness within
This is what happens
When messing around with sin

It eats from the inside
But still the outside looks so good
But over time and day by day
It gets into the blood

It circulates through the body
Washing away the life
Bringing with it darkness
Suffering and strife

Many a man succumbs to sin
Many a man heeds the call
But that which makes him a better man
Is what he does when he falls

Does he confess his sins
To make his path straight again
Or does he ride the carousel
That brings him back to his sins

Much can be said to him
About staying away from sin
But what is in his heart
Will bring about the change within

A clean and pure heart
A mind set to peace
Will help to cleanse the man
And put him at ease

A close relationship
With his GOD above
Is all that will save him
Is the One who has the love

Men have come back from the brink
And lived lives of grace
Many sitting very last
Are now winning the race

So, set about to pray
For this broken man
That he might see the light
And live as best he can

The people prayed that day
That Samuel Finch would be set free
That he would come to know the Lord
And heaven he would see

Time passed by slowly
With little or no change
But they never walked away
From praying for Samuel Finch

Samuel finally reached rock bottom
And called upon the Preacher
Said I don’t know where else to go
My rope won’t go no further

The Preacher said my son
You are welcome here
We’ve been praying for you
Since the cracks could be seen

Samuel had a shocked look
There upon his face
Preacher said yes
We’ve known you needed grace

Come my son
I’ll show you in
I’ll show you the way
To be free from death and sin

You must first confess your sins
Repent before GOD
Ask Him to cleanse your soul
And invite His spirit in

Samuel confessed
All that he knew
Got down on his knees
And asked GOD to make him new

Samuel became a new man
Became a follower of Christ
Saw and felt the old pass away
And a new life come his way

Samuel went to church each week
And prayed and sang with joy
People saw the new man
Saw him skipping like a boy

You too can have this joy
If only you will receive
If only you will come this day
To the cross and believe

Shadows And Light

We’ll burn the flag
Of your wretched nation
Trample the symbol
Of your identity

Besmirch the colors
You hold so dear
And preach against
Your ideology

We’ll call you radicals
For what you believe
As we plunder and pillage
This democracy

We’ll bring down in ruins
This once mighty state
As we bring forth our agenda
Against all that we hate

We despise the deity
You call your GOD
Who brings you blessings
And cursed our fate

We’ll point the blame
For all that is wrong
Back onto you
The innocent throng

Go ahead
Speak the truth
We’ll blind the people
With falsehood and untruths

Keep you so busy
That you’ll never see
The devil coming
In this his victory

We’ll bring violence and wrath
To a new generation
Who look in the dark
For all that will save them

Their salvation is lost
Because of untruth
Spoken in whispers
In dark quiet booths

Your children are offered
Up to our gods
As symbols of obedience
On this pile of sod

We cheer and we yell
For every last one
Whose life is now perished
On the alter of sin

We’ve killed your new preachers
And men of the cloth
So we might see darkness
Invade at all costs

No more shall you hear
Of the word that’s alive
Given to all
To bring forth new life

We’ll cheat and we’ll steal
To make it come true
So that vengeance and darkness
Will come after you

Challenge us all
Pfft, please, if you dare
We are the true champions
Of this rarified air

We’ve sacrificed many
On our alter of hate
To bring forth our glory
On this given date

We’ll pay it all
No matter the cost
To bring down both heaven and earth
On the heads of the lost

We here in hell
Have only one master
To rule us all
Through this here disaster

We bow at his throne
We give fealty
As the flames rise higher
In our fervency

Wasteland upon wasteland
Is all you will see
Is what we’ll bring about
To your beloved country

Rubble and stone
Dust and smog
We’ll choke your lungs
And hide your GOD

We’ll smite your virtue
And cut out your pride
Make a meal on your table
In your home we’ll abide

Go ahead and pray
We’re not afraid
For now is the time
To put hell on parade

The chosen few
Have been put into place
Our plan is in motion
To pit race against race

Choose wisely the side
You want to be on
For the choice it will last
To hell and beyond


Duel on the glade at sunrise
Standing in the early shade;
Two men of opposition
Faced the other with a blade;
Seconds at their sides
Giving last advice;
Bucking up the skills
To help save a life;

Men of little skill
Need not show a face;
For here is where eternity
Is eagerly embraced;
A disagreement
Of little significance;
Will likely shed the blood
Of the least skilled in defense;

Men taking center stage
Backs to the other;
Sun shining on a new day
Brother against brother;
Five paces out
Turn and start a war;
Last man standing wins
Regardless of who you are;

A thrust deeply felt
And one falls to the ground;
Listen to the breeze blow
Hardly any other sound;
The second comes to aid
But knows it all for naught;
Lessons learned don’t come cheap
All lessons must be bought;

He takes the news to family
Wailing can be heard;
Such a young life wasted
Short days on this Earth;
A young lady inconsolable
Lies upon her bed;
Tears won’t go away
Wishes she was dead;

Her mother tries to calm
A broken heart inside;
But we all know, only time will show
The piece that died inside;
She stays away for days
Her friends all drop by;
But none can see, Penelope
Until she starts to rise;

She moves thru life so slow
As if in a fog;
Sea of pain, storm of rain
Wind won’t wash away the grog;
She feels herself in a trance
Sees all but nothing too;
Days pass by, no reason why
Just like most things do;

Now, Penelope will survive
Though not as before;
We all will change, our life rearrange
From experiences of love and pain;
Remember all you’ve loved
Before they’re gone too soon;
Time has a way, of passing the day
Turning morning into noon;